Kids with Heart

Creating awareness and responsibility towards the environment in the primary school
The aim of the AG for primary school learners is to create awareness and responsibility towards the environment and fellow people.
Children/people with heart take responsibility not only for other people, but also for the environment which is of utmost importance for our livelihood.

The school-AG "Kids with heart" is based on the South African / international calendar:
A year of special days. A few examples:
29.2 Leap day for frogs
22.3 World Water Day
28.3 Earth Hour
5.6 World Environment Day
8.6 World Ocean Day
18.7 Mandela Day
8.9 International Literacy Day
10 -17.9 National Clean-up Days
18.9 Recycling Day
17.9 Coastal Clean-up Day
22.9 World Rhino Day

The AG for grades 2 to 4 will take place once a week for one hour.
Wednesdays in room C6 and in Parow, from 13:05 to 14:05h.
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Leap Day for Frogs

What is the aim of Leap Day for Frogs? 
It is one day of the year when ordinary South Africans can take a leap of action and do something to appreciate and protect one of the most threatened group of animals on Earth: Frogs! These important creatures are disappearing all over the planet largely because of habitat destruction.

Why 29 February?

Apart from having tongues 1/3 the length of their bodies, frogs are also famous for leaping across long distances – up to 20 times their own body length in a single leap! 
The South African Cape River Frog holds the world record for Frog Jumping – the longest distance covered in three consecutive jumps – at 10.3 m? Not bad for a 5 cm frog!
And if you think about it, February leaps into March, skipping days 29, 30 and 31 except on Leap years, which occur every four years, adding the 29th of February to the calendar.
People born on this day are called “Leaplings”. 
That’s why 29th February seems the perfect day to leap into action and save our frogs.


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