Peer Tutoring

Learners helping learners - What is it about?

  1. Peer tutoring: At the beginning of each school year the list of learners prepared to offer tutoring is updated. The High School Co-ordinator visits all Grade 11 and 12 classes to ask for learners who are willing and able to offer tutoring to other learners.
  2. Ideally the learner should be confident and able to explain things. They should look at the peer tutoring primarily as an experience in public speaking, presentation, explanation and interaction with other learners and only secondarily as an extra income.
  3. The lists are available from Mrs Vucurevic, at the notice board in the main hallway at the school and online on the Communicator.
  4. Procedure: Parents or learners who wish to take up the offer of tutoring should contact the person on the list directly and arrange time, place and fee. The school avails a room for the tutoring free of charge. The tutor will get the key for the room from Mrs Vucurevic. Of course the tutoring can also take place at home.  
  5. Since the inception of the tutoring three years ago, the demand has always been higher than the offers, especially for Maths.
  6. This year, learners from Grade 9 and 10 will also be able to offer peer tutoring. The list of available learners is still to be finalised.
  7. Offering peer tutoring free of charge counts for community services. This is of particular interest for learners who participate in the President’s Award.
  8. If a learner is able to prove a minimum of 10 hours of peer tutoring, the school can issue a certificate which will count for community service for LO.
  9. External tutoring: There are also external tutors available (teachers, parents and DSK alumni). This list is administered by Mrs Vucurevic and Mrs Quentin.

Franz Seiwert
High School Co-ordinator

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