School Board 2019 – 2020

The Board of the DSK is responsible for directing the business affairs of the school according to the School Association’s Constitution, and for fulfilling its fiduciary, advisory and oversight duties.

There are up to ten voting members on the Board. Nine of whom are elected at the AGM of the School Association in a two-year cycle, with the tenth member being appointed by the Lutheran Church. The Board may co-opt up to four additional non-voting members at any time. In addition, a member of the German Consulate takes part in Board meetings as a non-voting member.

The Board enjoys a close working relationship with school management and school administration, with the Headmaster, the Deputy Head, as well as the Bursar, being part of Board meetings.

There are monthly Board meetings throughout the term, as well as other extra meetings as needed. There are four elected offices within the Board; Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and four standing committees; Finance, Personnel, Building Works and Marketing. In addition to these committees, board members are responsible for their own designated portfolios/committees, supporting a specific field of the School.

In 2019/2020, the Board office, portfolio and committee responsibilities are as follows;

Elected Offices

Chairperson: Mirabel Bausinger
Vice-chair (Governance): Rainer Nowak
Vice-chair (Strategy): Nita Holm
Secretary: Ingrid Lamprecht
Treasurer: Isabell Ande

Standing Committees

Building Matters: Michael Bauer/ tbc
Communications & Marketing: Bulelwa Nombutuma/ Angela Naumann
Finance: Isabell Anders/ Michael Bauer
Personnel: Claudia Nolte-Schamm/ Mirabel Bausinger

Additional portfolios 2019/2020

Arts & Culture (Music, Performing Arts, cultural events): Ingrid Lamprecht/ Titilayo Adedokun-Helm
External relations (ISASA/WDA/ZfA/AA): Mirabel Bausinger
Health and Safety: Michael Bauer
Legal: Rainer Nowak
Primary School and Kindergarten: Nita Holm/Isabel Anders
Social & Environmental Responsibility: Titilayo Adedokun-Helm/ Claudia Nolte-Schamm
Sports: Angela Naumann
Steering Committee: Ingrid Lamprecht
STEM/IC: Angela Naumann/Isabel Anders
Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion: Ntsekhe Moiloa/Bulelwa Nombutuma

The Board fosters an open dialogue with all stakeholders of the school and works with the portfolios in the Parent Representative Committee. Please do not hesitate to contact our Chair, Mirabel Bausinger at should you have any questions.