SRC 2019 – 2020

Front row: Susanne Lingeveldt (teacher), Phi Anh Nguyen, Sophie Charalambides, Michaela Clarke, Amukelani Xhantini, Ilze Rossouw (teacher)
2nd row: Ella Brauer, Charlotte Kloos, Mudiwa Whande, Leonardo Beukes, Liam Schneider, Kutloano Nkojoana, Leon Fruithof

The Student Representative Council (SRC) learners contribute to the shaping of the school and its affairs. Representatives (mostly the head boy/girl) are voted in by their peers.

SRC tasks and duties
As the voice of the learners, the SRC has the responsibility to ensure:

  • the concrete representation of the interests of the school body
  • the active participation and improvement of the students’ environment
  • the organisation of events at school
  • the support of students during conflicts at school (problems with teachers, disciplinary measures, suspensions from school etc.)