We offer an education in English and in German, German-speaking learners start their education with the DSK in Grade 1 and can continue till Grade 12. Our English stream intake starts from Grade 5, this is the only time learners may enter the school with no prior knowledge of the German language.

As of 2007, we offer two types of leaving qualifications, this is elected from Grade 10 onwards.  

Both German and English streams graduate with South African and European university entrance qualifications. 

German stream’s qualifications:

Classes start from Gr 1 for learners who have prior knowledge of the German language and have at least one parent who is German-speaking.

  • These learners graduate with the German International Abitur as well as the IEB NSC, which entitles them to study in Germany, South Africa and in more than 100 other countries worldwide. 

Teaching and tests take place according to the bilingual character, in German and English.

Below is a flow diagram illustrating the German stream learner’s timeline:

English stream’s qualifications

Teaching, learning and tests for these learners will be largely done in English. They will graduate with an NSC qualification (National Senior Certificate) and DSD II (German Language Diploma II) after completing Grade 12. 

The only time English-speaking learners, who have no prior knowledge of the German language, may join our school is in Gr 5. Extensive Daf (German as a Foreign Language) classes are integrated into their timetables. 

  • The NSC is examined by the Independent Examination Board (IEB) and is recognised nationally as well as internationally.
  • The DSD II qualification is an additional qualification to the final South African exams taken in Grade 12, which all NSC IEB learners must pass. This qualification is only offered by the German schools in Southern Africa and the certificate proves proficiency in German for potential studies at a German university. 

Below is a flow diagram illustrating the English stream learner’s timeline: