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KIDS Enviro-Sports Day

Despite a few setbacks with the trains not running, the Enviro-Sports Day at Fish Hoek Beach went ahead. It was well supported by the various children's homes around Cape Town and was made possible by the hard work and fundraising done by the members of KIDS, most of whom participated on the day with great enthusiasm. Colouring in and building sand castles for the younger children and volleyball and soccer and tug-of-war for the older participants were well received. It was a fun and enjoyable morning, evidenced by the thank yous we have already received. KIDS are very grateful to Pick n Pay for their sponsorship of the lunch and to Mrs Ball for her invaluable experience and help. Although Mrs Ball retired last year, she agreed to help with the set up and preparations on the day, making it manageable for all concerned. Well done to all the members of KIDS who contributed to a successful 25th Enviro-Sports Day!

Open Day at the DSK

We welcomed over 80 prospective parents and children for our Open Day last week Friday.
Our Grade 10 learners took the visitors on a guided school tour showing them around before everybody was welcomed by our headmaster Mr Kirmse. A presentation and a question and answer session followed.
Despite the heat and hiking up and down the school grounds, we received lots of positive feedback and many were impressed by our school facilities and great student guides!
Well done to our Grade 10 ambassadors!

Aftercare carnival party

Upon the initiative of Thomas Kröner, the NAB children and their parents were able to experience their first authentic German carnival party at the “Fools Cape”. Before the party started, we conveyed the German cultural heritage: The children learnt about the origins and customs of the Fastnacht, crafted masks and room decorations. On Rose Monday, funny singalong songs and dancing games took place. Two extra-daring children even got onto the stage and performed a satirical poem and a dance. As refreshments during the break, we served traditional snacks: rolls and sausage, Spundekäs and Brezel as well as Berliners and cool drinks. The carnival was a lot of fun for everybody. Many thanks to Mr. Kröner and his team, who shied no expense or effort to make this event possible. The aftercare parents also contributed to the welfare with food and drink donations. Thank you!
Sabine Weihe (Head of Aftercare)

Politics in the classroom

On Tuesday, February 28, the DSK was treated to a very special visit; Ulla Schmidt, Vice president of the German Bundestag, and Dagmar Freitag, member of the German parliament, came to our school during their visit to Cape Town. The DSK had invited them to an 80-minute panel discussion around the central question “Has democracy come to an end?" Six selected learners from Grade 11 and 12 had compiled a list of questions about related topics for them (eg. “The AfD in Germany”, “Donald Trump as the new President of the USA”). The two German politicians answered all questions with much patience, professionalism and passion. The conclusion became quite evident; as long as there is an interest in and commitment to politics, democracy will never end. The morning with “real life” politicians was surely a uniquely interesting experience for our learners. The cherry on top was the gift of an original jersey of the German National soccer team signed by all the players. We will auction this off for a good cause sometime in the near future.
Karen Rebeski, 11b

DSK Swimming Gala

The swimming gala for the Grades 8-12 happened on Thursday, 02 March with sunny weather, great vibes and many records were broken! The Grade 2-7 gala happened the following day, which was a cheerful event with many spectators. Some parents also participated in the learners/teachers/parent fun relay which the parents won for the first time. Many thanks to all helpers and the sports department for the successful planning and organization! The top swimmer in Grades 2-12 were honoured at a special assembly on Tuesday, 07 March. Congratulations to all of you, we have some great talent amongst our learners! See the results here.

Top athletes at the DSK

On Saturday, 18th of February our top athletes gathered for the second round of the interschool’s athletics competition at the Vigieskraal Stadium in Athlone.
The excellent results of their first round allowed 13 learners from the DSK to participate in the competition as representatives of the City Bowl Region: Ricarda Fellner (70m hurdles and high jump), Anna-Lina Willand (long jump), Kira Scherr (70m hurdles and high jump), Anna Gahwiler (1200m), Gia Balmer (long jump), Jake Anderson (high jump), Cody Petersen (1200m), Blaise English-Roelf (75m hurdles), Heike Brand (1500m and 200m), Ella Bräuer und Lauren Nortier (both in high jump), Jaden Bruenemann (long jump) und Nqoba Chonco (shot put).
On a perfect day for athletics, our learners gave their best and measured themselves against the other extraordinary athletes. With great success, Anna Gahweiler won her 1200m race, Kira Scherr secured a 2nd place in high jump and Jake Anderson was able to win his high jump contest.
With these great results, the three learners qualified to participate in the Western Cape Athletics Finals.
Well done! We congratulate all our athletes on their great achievements.

Grade 4 class camp, Kommetjie, Soetwater Enviro Centre

From 20 - 22 February 2017 all grade 4 learners (58 in total) and their class teachers went to Kommetjie to the Soetwater Enviro Centre. On our many excursions, we got to know a lot about our local flora and fauna. A snake expert and ornithologist even came to visit our camp with some of his exotic animals. How does our ecosystem function; how do all elements of nature work together? Long walks and observations through our surroundings brought us the answers. A true highlight of our trip was the visit to and accent of the Noordhoek lighthouse. Learning was not all we did though. We also had a lot of fun, enjoyed playing outdoors and worked on our team spirit.

Dress up and have fun, it’s “Karneval!”

Some German cities celebrated “Rosenmontag” yesterday (27/2), which is a famous street festival parade during the week long carnival period.
We celebrated our own carnival with a dress up competition and a carnival party after school in the NAB! “Helau! Alaaf!”

“Excellent German Foreign School” quality seal of approval for the DSK

Three inspectors of the Central Agency for German schools abroad (ZfA) and the Conference of the Ministers of Education (KMK) visited the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt (DSK) from the 13th-17th of February for the “Bund-Länder Inspektion” which is a quality assurance programme operated by Germany for their German schools abroad. Once again, the DSK achieved the “Excellent German Foreign School” quality seal of approval. The school has not only been able to better the result of the last inspection five years ago – it is one of the best inspection results ever achieved worldwide! Chief inspector Mrs Luthe attested “the quality of work done at the DSK is outstanding, on a national and international level”. The inspectors looked intensively at the areas: “results & achievements of the school”, “learning culture & quality of teaching and learning process”, “school culture”, “school management and school administration” and “teacher professionalism & personnel development”. They visited 59 lessons and conducted interviews with the management board, school board, parents, learners as well as the bursar in the course of last week. The high academic level at our school paired with numerous support programs and extramural offerings were labelled as very impressive. The extraordinary co-operation within the school community also stood out. The DSK proudly receives this award and knows that such a success is only possible because of the joint effort and teamwork of teaching staff, administration, maintenance, kitchen staff, learners, parents, school board and the management board. A huge thank you to everybody involved!

Kirsten Boie reads at the DSK

Even the fact that she had to bribe her little brother with sweets to listen to her stories did not stop Kirsten Boie from writing her own children’s books. Boie, who is one of the best-known German authors of children’s books, visited our school on 9th and 10th February 2017. Many know her for stories Ritter Trenk, Wir Kinder vom Möwenweg and Nicht in Chicago, nicht hier.
Our learners from Grade 1 to Grade 8 were delighted to listen to her reading her most recent stories - and of course bombard her with questions and autograph requests. They learnt a lot about the work of an author and the publication of books.
During the reading for Grade 1 and 2 the guinea pig from the book King Kong und das Geheimschwein made an appearance and displayed his psychic abilities. Grade 5 and 6 learned all about the young detective and gentleman Thabo, who solves thrilling criminal cases in Swaziland. The choice of this location is not a coincidence – Kirsten Boie’s Möwenweg Foundation, in aid of AIDS orphans, is also located there.
The children were inspired by Kirsten Boje’s reading and many want to read more of her books now.
We want to extend our gratitude to the German General Consulate of Cape Town, Oetinger press and the Naumann bookstore who made this event at the DSK possible.

DSK Robotics Team (Team ASAP) invited to Sydney

The DSK Robotics team, led by Mr. Zundel, has been invited to Sydney to take part in the FIRST LEGO League Asia Pacific Open Championships (APOC) on 6. – 9. July 2017. The invite was extended after the team’s successful participation in both the Western Cape Tournament on 5 November 2016 (6th place out of 24 teams) and the FLL Nationals in Johannesburg on 2 and 3 December 2016 (7th place out of 28 teams). The team members are: Thomas Alexander, Nicholas Blair, Maiwenn Bloch von Blottnitz, Aaron Filmalter, Sebastian Haug and Lena Schwalm.
This is an amazing achievement and the team is now busy trying to secure funding and sponsors to enable them to travel to Sydney. Please support them on Facebook and Twitter. We wish them the best of luck and hope they will be able to go!

First Day of School for Grade 1s

Left: The Naumann's, three generations of DSK past and present learners in one family! Right: Class 1b.

The DSK welcomed the Grade 1 class of 2017 who started big school on the 25 January. Along with their parents and many grandparents, the Grade 1s enjoyed a super theatre piece put on by Grade 4 in the Von Holten Halle. We wish you all a successful and fun school career!

Grade 12 Class of 2016

Every year the DSK school community bids farewell to a Grade 12 class. Overall in both streams we had 56 learners (31 learners in the German stream and 25 learners in the English stream) who achieved a total of 157 As. We are so proud of you!

As sad as it is to say goodbye, we are proud to let them go. We know they have received a quality education at the DSK. This will equip them well to further their studies or to seek a career that will help them to start living their independent lives. It brings us joy to having been a part of their journeys at the DSK, as we have followed these learners in their academic and personal development, and seen the great progress each of them have made. The success of our learners achieving a 100% pass rate once again, makes us tremendously proud, especially the fact that all candidates received the important endorsement on their certificate. This allows them to study at a university in South Africa (Bachelor pass) and with the Abitur or IEB certificate, plus with the DSD 2 diploma they can also study at numerous universities and higher education institutions in Germany. Well done!

On behalf of the school management I would like to thank our colleagues who have supported and assisted these learners, beyond the call of duty, throughout the years at the DSK. The wonderful results are a reflection of this hard work and commitment and without you this success would not have been possible. Thank you!

In South Africa it is customary to announce the top academic achievers and unfortunately other achievements such as great social conduct, social responsibility, kindness and other virtues are not mentioned. Therefore, I would like to emphasise at this point that we are proud of all the Grade 12 learners of 2016 and we know that we are sending you into this dynamic world with skills and values to become balanced, capable and responsible members of our global society.

The following learners achieved an overall average of above 80% :
Alexander Schulze-Hulbe (10 distinctions), Philip Hambrock (9 distinctions), Stephan Scholtz (8 distinctions), Johanna Engelhard (8 distinctions), Alina Kratzenstein (8 distinctions), Felix Rabe (7 distinctions), Ralf Heiko Hansen (7 distinctions), Denys Blecher (5 distinctions), Saskia Borger (5 distinctions)
Max Groeneweg (8 distinctions), Michael Foster (7 distinctions), Catherine Johnson (5 distinctions)

The following learners achieved results in the top 1% nationwide:
Johanna Engelhard (Abitur Mathematics), Philip Hambrock (Music Appreciation and Abitur Physics), Ralf Heiko Hansen (Abitur Physics), Denys Blecher (Abitur Biology) and Alexander Schulze-Hulbe (English Home Language). Congratulations!

And, as mentioned earlier, the sad part is to say goodbye to this lovely group of learners. You were all special in your own ways, you brought back the matric circus in a good way, you were united as a grade and always worked together. We will miss you and hope that you stay in touch!


Silke Werth

The first project days of the DSK under the motto “social responsibility.”

A school year at the DSK is filled to the brim with tuition. This often leaves very little time for the learners to look outside their everyday lives - and realise that their daily routine can be so very different to that of many other fellow South Africans. 

Is this not part of our assignment at the DSK – part of our mission and vision? Our strategy document 2025 – the product of the collaboration of the entire school community – states, that as a school it is our aim to offer each child a platform, on which to accept responsibility and grow individually as well as socially according each one’s personal interests. As a German International School in South Africa, based on Christian and humanistic values, we strive to build bridges between different societies and cultures. In this, we value our diversity and encourage outstanding social and environmental commitment as well as open-mindedness and mutual respect.

Our great dilemma though: where to find the time, in a hectic school year, to dedicate to such important yet delicate matter? To me, the end of a school year seemed the perfect time. After the reports have been finalised and the curriculum is done, some teachers and learners find it hard to motivate themselves to start something new before the year is out. Even the parents can often only find enough strength to hunt for that perfect bargain travel arrangement – and that’ s how many a learner spontaneously finds himself booked off “sick” just a few days before school ends.

To start something new at the end of a hard working year, when everyone is rightly exhausted, is hard for everyone. That is why I was even more impressed to have so many members of the DSK ready to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the project days.

Our work started in the second term of 2016 when we defined the desired topics: environmental protection, renewable energies, recycling, species conservation, the school garden, social awareness and development of leadership. We proceeded by gathering different project ideas, which had to develop into tangible project tasks with externals as well as internal school “champions”. The fourth term got us even closer to the start of our project days: our learners were allowed to choose their specific projects and our teachers were allocated as champions. The process was facilitated by an IT system specifically designed for this purpose by Richard Gosnell. Now everything was good to go for our first project days from 5 to 7 December.

Looking back, it was an amazingly positive experience for the learners – and an adventure at the same time. Each and every one had to participate in their own way and be actively involved without the safety net of their class community. They became part of a society that works together to uphold and improve our lives in South Africa. The three days came and went like a whirlwind.

Unfortunately, there was no time for an official closing ceremony and only the assembly on the last day of school offered a short de-briefing of our first project days. The feedback team was kind enough to distribute a short questionnaire to all involved. This will assist us in evaluating, whether there is a demand for the project days to be repeated.

In closing I would like to thank all of you again for your dedication and efforts – the project days team, my colleagues Marina Vucorevic, Marlen Merkel und Ramona Bachmann. Many thanks for your amazing commitment!

Silke Werth
13 December 2016

Paparazzi team articles & photos

During the Project Days a "Paparazzi team” accompanied some of our fantastic project teams. Read more about the projects that happened and see more beautiful photographs here.








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