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IQES parent satisfaction survey

Dear DSK parents,
You are probably eager to find out about the results of the IQES parent satisfaction survey. Thanks for you participation. We really appreciate that!
Verena Quentin

DSK winner of the Play Handball SuperCup!

After the great success of the first Play Handball Super Cup in April we hosted another tournament last Saturday.
19 mixed teams (u14) from various schools participated, of which 3 were from the DSK. Congratulations to all participants and a “High Five” to our winning team!
Besides the tournament, there was once again an exciting, fun-filled eco-trail competition. Many thanks to all organisers, referees, volunteers and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung for their effort and support to make this another successful sporting event of mutual encounter!

Energy supply of the future - German Minister inaugurates solar energy plant at the DSK

Minister for Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Agenda from the state of Thuringia Mr Wolfgang Tiefensee officially inaugurated a new solar energy plant at our school on 10 November, recognising the endeavours of this future-orientated learning institution to supply a sustainable energy solution and comply with carbon footprint demands. Experts of the solar- and energy sector as well as sponsors were also present.
“On most days, we supply the entire school with energy from the sun and still feed excess energy into the grid of the City of Cape Town” explained headmaster Alexander P. Kirmse in an interview. “This plant teaches our learners the value of sustainable energy, generated by green technology and being conscious of environmental challenges, which is all part of the ‘going green’ campaign at our school.”
The installation of the PV plant was a large-scale project in cooperation with the German companies SolarWorld, SMA, and Schletter.
The generous financial aid from the German government to finance the major cost of replacing defect roof sheets set the stage for this important project.
442 modules now decorate the roof of the school, with each of them producing 340 Wp.
With a surface of 876 m2 of solar modules from SolarWorld a total output of 150kWp is generated; this is an energy supply which covers the normal, daily energy consumption completely. Excess energy can be fed into the public grid.

Victory for our Handball team

Congratulations to our mixed u14 Handball team who won the Handball tournament of the Primary schools in Cape Town.
After the preliminary rounds in October and November the final took place last week. Our team dominated Holy Cross Primary School with 10:8 winning the precious trophy.
Top scorer was Liam Schneider with 8 goals. Well done everybody and a big-thank you to Antonia Straub, who accompanied the children during the whole tournament.

History expedition of Grade 6 -  On the tracks of the San

On the 27th of October, all learners of Grade 6, accompanied by their teachers Ms Fisser, Ms Flemming and Mr Schumann organized a trip to Yzerfontain to visit !Khwattu San-Experience.
We were warmly welcomed by two staff members of !Khwattu who took us on a tour and explained the culture and lifestyle of the San. We learned about the characteristics of the language and in which countries tribes of the San used to live and still live. While driving through the Grootrivier Farm one tour guide explained to us, why the San hunt different antelopes, for example the leather of the springboks is used for men’s clothing while women use the leather from the Bontebocks.
Later we visited a typical San village and learned everything about their hunting styles, traditional tasks for women and men and how they read tracks. 2000 years ago, there were an estimated 300.000 to 400.000 San living in Southern Africa. Nowadays only 100.000 San still live in these areas (Botswana 49.000, Namibia 38.000, South Africa 4500, Angola 6000, Zambia 1600, Zimbabwe 1200)  and they only form a minority. The majority work on farms and are employed these days, while only a few still live in their traditional way.

Time to say goodbye to our Class 2016

The Valedictory Ceremony marks the end of each learner’s school career. Last week Friday the school community together with proud parents, gathered to celebrate their special day and to wish them well in their future endeavors!
Congratulations to all 2016 Valedictorians and a special congratulation to all prize-winners for their outstanding achievements:
Stahmer prize
Philip Hambrock (Kombi)
Max Groeneweg (NSC)
Scheffel prize
Alina Kratzenstein
DaF prize
Catherine Johnson
Spirit of the DSK prize
Catherine Johnson
Math prize
Johanna Engelhard
Philip Hambrock
Gisela Lange prizes in Music and Art
Philip Hambrock (Music)
Enya Schomer (Visual Art)
Patricia Meixner (Art)
Ralf Hansen

Valedictory Ball 2016

The night of Friday 23 September marked one of the most important school events in every student’s life; it was the night of the Valedictory Ball. After all the months of planning and stressing, the time had finally come to dress up and enjoy ourselves.
This year, The Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt gathered at Suikerbossie to celebrate our class of 2016 in style. The air was buzzing with excitement, the candles were lit and the red carpet was laid out to welcome a handsomely dressed class of matrics, partners, teachers and parents. A picturesque backdrop of ocean, mountains and trees and an absolutely perfect sundown, set the scene for a magical evening together, with the theme of the ball being a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Speeches by Herr Kirmse, Head girl Katleho Nkojoana and Head boy Max Groeneweg, as well as our very own standup comedians, Reece Francis and Danian Oktober, were both hilarious and incredibly meaningful and reflective of the years of hard work and dedicated support of our Class of 2016, the parents and DSK teachers who made it all possible. The wonderful memories and friendships made over these years will be treasured well into the future. The grade 11’s presented the grade 12’s and honorable guests with a spectacular dance performance, which was a special highlight of the evening. Another precious moment was also singing happy birthday to Denys Blecher, who’s birthday was that night too, with the help of Stevie Wonder and a candlelit cake, we all belted out a birthday song for Denys, this is the sort of moment that perfectly reflects the togetherness and deep care shared amongst the wonderful friends that make up the Matric Class of 2016.
Amidst the wild singing and dancing, we indulged in a delicious three-course dinner, shared in good wine and top class company well into the candle-lit hours of the night, what a party!

Thank you to everyone who made this such marvellous occasion. A special thank you to all our guests who shared in the evening, some traveling far distances to be there. And a very special thank you to Mrs Maunder and Miss Nel, as well as the amazing Valedictory team who organised this event and put in months of preparation and hard work to make it come together so beautifully, you did an incredible job!
Ashanti Maunder

Sound Engineering Extra Mural

Special thanks to students Felix Koelble and Felix Zundel who were instrumental in the recording and sound setup of the event.

Uploaded songs:
Von fremden Landern aus Kinderszenen (Schumann) - Frederik Schulz 

Rustic Dance (Christopher Norton) - Frederik Schulz

Feeling Good (Jazz Standard) - Singita Sebe (Vocals), Bettina Zidek (Piano) & Nick Blecher (Drums)

Bettina & Alice Zidek [Private Live Recording]

Classic Dance - Anna Hawks

Canon in D Major (Pachelbel) - Anna & Mark Backeberg

Prelude/Angry Young Man (Billy Joel) - Benedict Lamprecht

Ode To Joy - Faissal Zayed

Gymnopadie (Satie) - Matthieu Ortscheit

Dear studnets, If your recording has not appeared here or you would like to book a private recording please contact Lincoln Hunter at 

Winter soccer tournament

And the winner of the winter soccer tournament of Grades 5-7 is Class 7a!
After many weeks of matches during big break, the big soccer final between the classes 7a and 7c was played yesterday. Class 7a was victorious winning 2:0. Class 7d finished third winning their playoff game against Class 5a. The trophy for the most valued player went to Michael Buser while Liam Schneider was the top goal scorer. Congratulations everybody and a big thank-you to Franz Seiwert who initiated and organized this tournament!

Anniversary celebration of Germany’s reunification

We started the new term with a special Assembly to celebrate the 26th anniversary of Germany’s reunification on 10 October.
We were honoured to welcome German Ambassador Walter Lindner who gave a speech in which he not only reviewed this historical event, but also appealed to the students, as the future generation to learn from the experiences of the past and illustrated the challenges the world currently faces. The Assembly was rounded off by a documentary showing the events before and during the fall of the Berlin Wall and a performance of the Marimba band.

Happy Teachers Day

Though teachers day was officially celebrated last week during the school holidays, we thanked all our teachers for their hard work and dedication yesterday and surprised them with beautiful aromatic herbs as gifts and the message “Thank you for helping our learners grow”.

21st anniversary of the Tygerberg campus and 15 years of spring theatre

We celebrated the 21st anniversary of our satellite campus in Tygerberg with a popular stage play from “Janosch” on the 19th of September. Our colleagues Anke Brand, Karen Hahne und Henrike Kovats did it once again (for the 15th time) and managed to integrate children and colleagues in this wonderful play.
The stage scenery was setup as a shadow play and the orchestra of the Class 2d along with the choir gave the story lots of life. With much love and attention to detail the performance of “Der Josa und die Zauberfiebel” was a great success. Afterwards we were spoilt by the parents who organised a buffet with delicious snacks and drinks.
A big thank-you to all Tygeberg parents! It was a fantastic evening that was rounded off with a big surprise for Henrike Kovats 50th birthday. She was given a big box with 50 gifts which she can unwrap one-by-one for the next 50 days! Happy birthday, Henrike!

Spotlight on Self-Regulation

“Self-regulation in the classroom” was a very intensive workshop for educators and therapists held on 11th September by Professional Minds at the Cape Sun Hotel. About 400 educators and therapists listened to the three lecturers on this topic. Self-regulation refers to the child’s ability to regulate his thoughts, feelings, behaviour.  “The better a child can stay calmly focused and alert, the better he integrates the diverse information coming in from his different senses, assimilates it, and sequences his thoughts and actions”, Dr. Stuard Shanker.  Four teachers of DSK took part in the workshop: Henrike Kovats, Anke Brand, Heidi Ortmann, Marlen Merkel.  Jamie Brassel, an educational therapist, exhibited her educational tools for parents and therapists. The material helps to deal with challenges such as anxiety, positive behaviour reinforcement, routine and more. Jamie  is working at the DSK in the Star Centre since July 2016.

Tsunami Dragons
On Friday evening (9 September) our Tsunami Dragons competed in a dragon boat regatta at Canal Walk. We came 2nd out of 6 teams, congratulations to the team! Anyone who is interested in joining the team can contact Miss Nel (

Congratulations to our Eco Ranger Team who won the Enviro Quiz competition!

We entered a team of five participants that took part in the Junior category of the Thrive EnviroQuiz competition at the Kronendal Primary school in Hout Bay on Friday, 9th of September.
Each team had to answer 20 questions about the environment and our most important natural resource - WATER!
They had to study various articles on the subject of water (its scarcity and preciousness to all life of earth) and the questions asked that day was mostly based on their studies. There were 9 schools competing in the Junior quiz competition.
After hard work and a great team effort, we won the Junior quiz!
All the hard work paid off- well done Claudia Grobbelaar 7b, Renska Krynouw 7b, Deyna Viret 7b, Mateo Küsel 6c and Georgia Charalambides 5b who showed real team effort.
We won a cup that we can keep until next year! We will display the cup in the trophy cabinet.
Ninka Dunn, Eco Ranger teacher


The popular and committed author Lutz van Dijk addressed Grades 8 and 9 learners recently and offered words to inspire leaners that one can achieve greatness if one is open-minded, courageous and loving.
He read out excerpts of his books which in part addresses the fate of South African teenagers that became infected with aids.
Thank you Lutz, for your visit and your inspiring messages to our learners.

Social responsibility with „Kinder mit Herz” in the Primary School

The aim of the AG for primary school learners is to create awareness and responsibility towards the environment and fellow people.
Children/people with heart take responsibility not only for other people, but also for the environment which is of utmost importance for our livelihood.
“Kinder mit Herz” initiated a knitting drive for blankets and beanies. A group of learners, teachers and parents met to sew up the knitted strips to make blankets. Thank you to all the knitters and those who came to sew. Keep knitting for more blankets! The blankets and beanies were donated to Ithemba Labantu in Phillipi.
Our next project is to collect books for their new school which will open their doors in 2017.

Ithemba Labantu responded:
Our morning class kids received something to keep them warm during these cold winter nights! "Kinder mit Herz" (children with a heart) an extra-mural activity of the German School Cape Town started a knitting drive for blankets and beanies. Parents, grandparents, teachers...everybody participated. Currently they are collecting books for our new school! Thank you so much to the grades 2-4 for your wonderful initiative!

Project Day in Grade 1

Last week Tuesday all Grade 1 classes discovered the world of 'apples' at 11 different learning stations. What does the inside of an apple look like? How do different apples taste? The children drew and crafted beautiful apples and were rewarded with yummy self-made baked apples afterwards. Many thanks to the class teachers and parents who supported the project day.

It’s circus time!

On Friday the 26th of August Grade 1b's classroom transformed into a circus ring. Our youngsters became artists, lions, lion tamers, magicians and acrobats. Under the guidance of circus director Kai and after putting in lots of hard work, Class 1b performed for their parents and other Grade 1 learners.

Western Province u16 soccer trials

On Friday August 19th, 60 boys from 15 schools gathered at the Milnerton High School to compete for the few spaces in the Western Province Under 16’s Zonal Squad.  There were 54 outfield players and 6 goalkeepers. 
After a tough battle, the outfield player choice dropped from 54 to 28, but all six goalkeepers were kept in for another trial. The second trial took place on Friday 26th August.  During the game time of these trials, the players were swopped in and out of various positions to assess where they were most comfortable, and the goalkeepers were tried and tested tactically, strategically and physically.
Then the final test – down to 25 players, including three goalkeepers to play against the Hellenic Zonal Side in a fast paced and brutal clash.  

After this the final choice was made and we are delighted to say the DSK’s very own Conor Schaefer (9b) was chosen as the first goalkeeper for the provincial squad.  Congratulations!

Mandela Project school utensils

On Tuesday, 30 August, we finally managed to wrap up our Mandela Project school utensils. After a huge amount of donated stationery was sorted, packed and labelled, it filled the entire boot and back seat of Bettina's car. We left the DSK at 14:00h and our journey brought us to Philippi to Ithemba Labantu, which is a Missionary place. Besides different kinds of adult education, it offers an aftercare shelter for 120 school kids up to Grade 9. We experienced a warm welcome from reverend Otto Kohlstock and his excellent team and our donation was taken to a beautiful little church. Soon after small groups of children came and sang for us. We were able to give a pack of colouring pencils and a ruler to each child.
The rest of the donations will be sorted by the Ithemba Labantu team and will be given to the children according to their needs and ages. After this ceremony a Marimba band played for us and thereafter Sara showed us the entire grounds of Ithemba Labantu. We were very impressed how well the place is run and looked after.
16:00h came quickly and we had to head back to DSK. We were all very moved and excited about our trip and we were very happy that we did this project. As a matter of fact we are considering doing it again next year.
Once again a big thank you to all who donated so generously and who made this project such a big success.
Rachel Sohst, Thomas Leichtfuss, Livio Alberti, Conor Schaefer, 9b

Diversity Workshop at the Good Hope Seminary High School

Last month we celebrated Mandela Day at the DSK. Once again we were reminded that the dream of a harmonious South Africa is only possible if we embrace and celebrate our diversity.
In this spirit, the invitation of a very special colleague, Leon Linz, to join the Diversity Workshop at Good Hope Seminary High School on 6.8.2016 came as a great opportunity.
A workshop on a Saturday morning, from 08:00h to 14:00h, is a true commitment and I am proud to say that I could enthuse Benguita Bengue and Siphiwe Zulu from Grade 11 as well as Saaliegah Zardad and Mirabel Bausinger as representatives from the school board to join me.
Besides Leon Linz the workshop featured three fantastic guest speakers: Professor James Lee from UWC, Thulani Velebayi from Sonkwe and Sharon Ludwig from Triangle Project, who involved us actively in reflecting the current situation in our country and at our schools regarding gender stereotyping, diversity and gender equality.

The workshop had a clear message: stand up, get involved, start communicating and become a role model in celebrating diversity and fighting for equality.
Silke Werth

Presentation of the Engineering faculty in Stellenbosch

Sooner or later our high school learners have to deal with the question: “What to do after school?”. On the one hand the diversity and vastness of study and job possibilities is huge, but it can also be intimidating and confusing at first.
South Africa has a very high unemployment rate, yet many experts in various fields need to be “imported”. Especially engineers, IT specialists and medical doctors are in demand. Many courses such as Engineering are traditionally dominated by male students, so the aim of this presentation was to invite female learners from various schools to the Engineering faculty of the University of Stellenbosch to inform themselves about career possibilities for women in these fields.
The interest in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as the passion for problem solving are important basics to succeed in studying engineering.
As per next year the enrolment requirements for women have changed and anyone with an average of 70% can apply at the faculty 2017. Though the number of interested  DSK learners was small this year, we hope to strengthen the relationship with universities to give our students the best possible opportunities for their future.
Thanks to our Career Guidance Team consisting of Ms Kossmann, Ms Weidlich and Mr Utz who continuously make an effort to inform our learners of various career perspectives within South Africa and Germany by attending Open Days at universities, organising talks by universities at the school, 2 Career Days and an annual study trip to Germany.
Silke Werth

Pop-up Kino “Shrek”

On Friday 12 August, our DSK family and friends gathered together for a cosy and fun-filled evening of film and entertainment at this year‘s Pop-Up Cinema. The idea is that a cinema "pops-up" for one magical night only. With this in mind, the Sports Hall was transformed into the land of Far-Far-Away, for a Shrek themed theatre experience. Apart from the movie Shrek, there were live performances, indoor picnicking, popcorn, hot chocolate and delicious treats which made for a lovely evening together. Thank you to everyone who helped out and supported this Matric Ball Committee Fundraising Event, we look forward to another great movie night next year!

Slim Cup 2016

On Thursday,4th August, the DSK U16 and U19 girls competed in the SLIM Cup (Soccer Ladies Indoor Tournament) hosted by the DSK. The tournament is held every year with 7 other schools participating (Reddam, Fairmont, Herzlia, Buren, Milnerton, Camps Bay and St Cyprians). We played extremely well and the competition was tough. We are proud to let you know, that despite the shortage of players, we had loads of fun and overall finished in 5th place. We congratulate all the other schools on their achievements, especially Fairmont who were the overall winners. We thank our coaches Peter and Abel for organizing this fun event!
Jule Heckscher, Grade 10


On Saturday, 13th August, we got up early to a cold morning and braved the journey out into the depths of the harbour with the rest of our crew (only thirteen, should be twenty).
The water was frigid and choppy, but our coach, Aurelièn Brand, held strong and directed us to the starting point of the race. There were four other boats, and we were the only student team, the rest were adults. When the starting "go" was called, we paddled for all we were worth, overtaking all teams except one, which was on par with our paddling prowess. We paddled and paddled, grunting and exclaiming to go faster, until we finally got about a metre in front of the Mujaji team. When the 'burns' were called in we shoved all of our remaining energy into the last ten strokes and ended up victorious.
Wilder Zimmer

'A visit from Switzerland' - author Gabrielle Allioth reading

120 pairs of eyes look at a woman who sits at a table and reads out of a book. This was a situation on Friday, the 5th of August in the KTS when author Gabrielle Allioth from Switzerland visited our Grade 5 and 6 learners (also DaF learners).
Ms Allioth, born in Basel, living currently in Ireland, read out excerptions of her latest book: “Das magische Licht/The magic light”, which is about children who adventure in the irish saga ??world.
Not often have our learners had the opportunity to chat to an author and they took the chance to ask Ms Allioth lots of questions: ”When did you write your first book?”, “How do you become a writer?”, “How did you come up with the ideas in your book?” were only some questions asked. Ms Allioth promised to leave some books for our library. Many thanks for the visit and inspiring our learners!

Maths can be loads of fun

Willi, the „dice“ visited Grade 5c. Everyone strained their brains to calculate how many sides, corners and surfaces little Willi had and how one could calculate his volume. Each learner could also make his/her own Willi and Ms Quentin was astonished by the creativity of her learners. Homework was to make the girl friend “Quirli” the cuboid. That’s how much fun Maths can be.

Great puppet theatre

With great enthusiasm Wiebke Holm and her husband Rob mesmerized our primary school learners with a modern puppet theatre last week.
They managed to explain the complexity of global warming in such a vivid way, that our young learners could grasp the importance of this topic. A big thank-you to Wiebke and Rob for this excellent performance!

School materials for our partner school in Langa

"We all know that education, more than anything else, improves our chances of building better lives." (Nelson Mandela).
Encouraged by this, Class 4c with teacher Marion Singler visited our partner school in Langa and distributed collected school materials from Mandela Day to the learners of Thembani Primary School.

30 July 2016

The Headmaster and Staff
German School

Thank you so much for the learners visit and support you gave to our grade 4 learners by donating stationary and some goodie bags. It was such a joyous moment for the learners
We are very grateful for your generous support and are pleased to extend an invitation for you to be an official ‘Friend of Thembani’ as we strive to provide a quality education for all our learners. 

Yours sincerely
Joyce Ngezana
Deputy Principal

Street Sleeper initiative

Class 3a pupils with teacher Julia Graul raised R2500 for the Street Sleeper initiative which was part of our Mandela Day activities- well done!
Thank you to all students who contributed their beautiful paintings for sale and to everybody who supported this very worthy cause. Sarah from Street Sleeper came to visit the class yesterday to explain her inspiring work at the NPO. Thanks Sarah!

Visitors from Stellenbosch

What is a day at the German School like? 4 learners from Hoerskool Stellenbosch with teacher and DSK Alumni Ms Kotze came to visit the DSK to find out more! On Wednesday morning our visitors were welcomed by some learners from Grade 10 and 11 who took them into their German classes to sit in on a Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry lesson. Not an easy task for our guests who only started to learn German in Grade 8. Our visitors were pretty impressed by our school, not only by the modern facilities and beautiful location, but also by the diverse lessons.
A return to visit again is planned for the future.

K.I.D.S. Mandela Day project

Despite the rush of the first day of the school, more than 20 of our learners found time on Monday afternoon to spend 67 minutes making sandwiches for those less fortunate than themselves. Two moms, Mrs Magali von Blotnitz and Mrs Micha Weir, supported the initiative. We were further honoured by the presence of our fellow interact club from Good Hope Seminary Girls’ High School.
Mila Newby and Ally Winkler, leaders of the interact club, Klub Interact Deutsche Schule (K.I.D.S.), organised the event. Interact Club would like to express its deep appreciation of our cafeteria manager, Mrs Eike Ryll, who advised and assisted in the ordering of food. The money, R2 300, to pay for the ham and cheese fillers was raised by the children themselves through their ongoing catering activities during the second term.
What a pleasure it is for me to work with such enthusiastic, energetic, compassionate young people!
Sue Ball (Liasion Teacher)

Trip to iThemba Labantu

After an inspiring talk by Lutz van Dijk about HOKISA, a children home for children with AIDS, the classes 12a and 12b planned a visit to iThemba Labantu, an Evangelical carecentre in Philippi on 10 June.
After a warm welcome we were given a tour of the centre, after which we did some fun activities with the children. At 11am pastor and director Otto Kohlstock gave mass in their church. After church the kids split into 5 groups of seven and we organized more activities at different stations. Everybody had 15 minutes at each station. Though it was raining and we couldn’t play outside, we had lots of fun playing chess, reading books aloud, putting on make-up and doing art and crafts. Personally I really liked this experience, especially, because we got the opportunity to build a more personal relationship with the kids rather than interacting with them as “tourists”. All in all, it was a valuable experience and I would like to thank Mrs Flemming and Mr Seiwert for accompanying us, as well as Mr Schumann, who organized this visit.
Philipp Hambrock, 12a

I really enjoyed the time I spent at iThemba Labantu. It was loads of fun helping the children and to be able to put smiles on their faces. It offered me the opportunity and opened my eyes to see and experience the living conditions and circumstances that the people in the townships live in. From my experiences I have learned what a privilege it is to attend the DSK, learnt to value and appreciate my upbringing even more; especially my secure home, the fact that I have a caring mother and father, enough food on the table every day and the realisation that I can fall asleep without any major concerns.
Joshua Heinz, 12a

On Friday, 10 June we visited a carecentre in the Township Philippi which is led by Otto Kohlstock.
It was a great experience to play with the children und to see them having fun. The most popular station was the “Make-up “table, where the girls and boys could paint their fingernails and girls their lips. At my station we played “Simon says” and “Duck, Duck, Goose”. The kids played along with lots of enthusiasm. Often we don’t realize and appreciate how privileged our lives are. All in all it was an unforgettable experience and I enjoyed spending time at iThemaba Labantu.
Pascal Hauser, 12b

New Ironman world record by DSK Alumnus

Spectacular victory for DSK Alumnus Jan Frodeno (Abitur 2001) who has set a new Ironman (triathlon) world record at Challenge Roth in Bavaria on 17 July. The 2008 Olympic champ and reigning Ironman and 70.3 world champion shattered Andreas Raelert’s existing record by six minutes on a remarkable day of racing in front of over 200,000 spectators. Congratulations!

Robben Island excursion

The Class 10b organized a trip to Robben Island on 13 July to learn more about the historical site which plays an important role in the history of South Africa and Nelson Mandela. The crossover with the ferry was freezing, but the tour was very interesting and informative. Returning to the Waterfront, our teacher Mrs Flemming invited us all for a hot drink. It was a day spent out of the ordinary yet a great learning experience!
Lena Schwalm

Nelson Mandela Day

Dear Friends of the DSK,

Nelson Mandela Day coincided with our first day of term which created the perfect opportunity for our learners to share their contribution to Nelson Mandela Day with the school.
In the past many of our learners have been involved in social responsibility projects and clubs, but we had never officially organised anything for the day from the management side. This year we encouraged our learners to dedicate 67 minutes of their time during the winter holidays and to take part in our “Nelson Mandela Day Competition” by sending in video clips and photos of their actions.
Many entries were submitted and it became increasingly difficult to choose the winner. Every learner’s entry was creative, inspiring and a token of love for others, fellow humans, children, animals or the environment. Therefore we decided to split the prize into three instead and I was very pleased to congratulate our winners during Assembly:
1st: Natalie Voss, Alexander Schulze-Hulbe, Leonie Schmocker, Benedict Lamprecht, Phillip Hambrock and Luca Elliot for dedicating one day to the children at the H.O.P.E. Organisation in Strandfontein
2nd: Angelina und Sophia Tambusso-Ferraz cooking, gardening and donating toys, clothing and food to the children at the Hope Cape Town Community Project in Blikkiesdorp
3rd: Lena and Janika Schwalm for cleaning up the Beach at Elandsbaai
My dear learners, you have indeed given your gift this Mandela Day and in my eyes you are all winners – you have seen the joy that you have created and the difference you have made. We are so proud of you!

Yes, it is Mandela Day and our competition is officially over, but you can get involved anytime and make a difference. Help us to make South Africa a better place!

Silke Werth

Alumni talk

Welcome back to school: Two former students, Sonia Heye (Matric 2015) and Laura Andreas (Matric 2013), visited a class with senior school students to speak about their lives after DSK. Sonia just started studying at UCT, while Laura enjoys travelling the world as a diving instructor and studies at UNISA. What a great opportunity for our learners to hear first-hand experiences and to ask lots of valuable questions!

SABC at the DSK

Thank-you to the great team from SABC Sport who came to the school to interview our sports department, as well as our Victor and Victrix Ludorum winners (Ralf Hansen and Linda Detering) on 9 June, enquiring about various aspects of the Sports Olympiad of the German Schools.
This interview is part of a two-part documentary series “Summer Games”, which will be broadcasted during the Summer Olympic Games most probably on 17/18 August. We will keep you updated!

“On behalf of SABC Sport and the production team of "Summer Games - The African Glory, let me extend warm thanks for your support, enthusiasm and successful participation in the interviews. Your bi-annual Olympics tournament is a role model to be envied and copied by many schools, private and public, in South Africa. The true Olympic spirit, is about bonds of friendships created in the act of performance. It is embedded in a balanced educational approach.” (Vusi - SABC)

„I meditate Africa“

Due to the positive response of last year, the DSK once again participated in the “I meditate Africa” campaign. On 26 May, learners and teachers had the opportunity to take part in a guided meditation for peace in Africa during lunch break. The Primary School (Grade 3 and 4) participated in a special meditation in the fifth lesson the day before. After a short introduction on the African continent, the children learned and sang the African Hymn. In the following 10 minutes it was remarkably quiet in the KTS, during which everyone sent positive thoughts and energy to the African continent. Some learners even asked if it is possible to do meditation more often. All in all 135 learners and teachers participated in the peace initiative this year.

Chess News

The intensive work practised by our learner Luka Elliot in the chess extra mural class with teacher Watu Kobese paid off! Luka was awarded second place in the Prestige Section at the GPCA Memorial Chess tournament, which took place from 26 -29 of May. This is an awesome achievement as Luka was able to gain rating points on his international rating by the World Chess federation FIDE. Congratulations!

“Wie geht’s?”

Some of our maintenance staff cannot only answer this question now, but thanks to a 6 months’ German language course they have learnt basic German communication skills and more about the German culture.

All participants successfully passed the final test, well done! Congratulations to Sarie Klaasen who scored the highest result and won a German self-learning course to continue her studies.

Chamber Music Evening

From Jazz to Pop to Classical music, the Chamber Music evening on 26th of May catered for everybody’s taste. Parents, learners and friends of the DSK spent a wonderful evening enjoying the multifaceted talents of our musicians.
Once again, the concert didn’t only show the talents, but also the dedication and passion for music of our learners and teachers who continuously put in lots of work.

A big thank-you to the music department and all helpers, especially  David Patrick, Felicitas Weidlich, Silke Engberts, Barbara Flemming and Lincoln Hunter for this joyous and entertaining evening!

Lantern Festival - German Kindergarten Bellville

On Saturday, 14 May the experienced kindergaraten parent team worked their magic, and in no time transformed the Tygerberg campus into a fairytale fantasy garden. Lanterns and light chains adorned the autumn garden while an amazing soup buffet was set up on the stoep. In the face of this happy picture even the dull and wet weather of the morning had to abate. Shortly after all the guests arrived to the tune of lively music during late afternoon the big buffet was opened. This was accompanied by the learners of the campus, who played a few lantern songs on the recorder and sang. At dusk a large fire was made, at which a special puppet guest and Harald Wenzel related to the children who Martin was and what he had done. At last it was time to light all the lanterns.  Singing joyfully everyone, big and small, wandered around the school. The lights on the poles shone and reflected in many little eyes as well.  
The annual Kindergarten lantern festival was now celebrated at the campus for the third time and offers the wonderful opportunity to learn to know each other. We are very happy that our small school was once again able to offer the secure framework for this evening.
H Kovats – Tygerberg Branch

Visit to Akelei-Alpacas 

The Parow campus visited the Alpaca farm on 26 March 2016. At firstwe were given some information. Did you know that alpacas were bred for the production of fleece and for their wool 5000 years ago? We don’t want to give away too much. One needs to go on the outing yourself. We then walked to the alpacas. They were curious, gentle and good-natured.  We were allowed to feed and stroke them. This was great fun.
Now many of our tummies were rumbling. A picnic awaited us. When we were all strengthened we were allowed to make a fleece bead out of alpaca wool. Some patience was required. Suddenly we heard the call of a fish eagle. We looked up and were not disappointed. Simply amazing!
And then it was time to return to school. The fleece bead was made into a piece of jewellery for the moms during the week before Mother’s Day.
Feedback from Grade 1: The whole outing was great. The bus drive was lovely. We had a beautiful view from the bus. Alpacas are so soft and cuddly. The tame alpaca allowed us to feed and stroke it. That was super. The alpaca babies were so sweet. The picnic was delicious. Fleecing was fun. The mothers were very happy about the fleeced Mother’s Day gift.
(Anke Brand with Grade 1d)

Nevio Passaro visited our school

German/Italian singer, songwriter and producer Nevio Passaro visited the school on 13 May. What an exciting experience for some learners who had the opportunity to listen to a couple of great songs and to ask him lots of questions about his profession, music and his inspiration. Well known as a “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” contestant in 2006, he released further successful albums and he is currently very active with his integration project
“Do you speak music?” helping refugees in Berlin.
Thank you HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust and the German Consulate for making this inspiring visit during his stay in Cape Town possible!

Sports day festival

The annual sports day festival for the Grades 1-7 took place on 16 April with many parents attending and cheering on their children on the beautiful summer’s day. During the breaks everyone enjoyed the various refreshment stalls and plants on sale, of which the full profit was generously donated to the school by Michells.
The day started off with the first and second Graders competing in a 50m sprint followed by a relay to collect important points for their blue or red team. From Grade 3 onwards all learners participated in various running and jumping disciplines, trying their best to collect as many points as possible for the “Winner Status” or even “Honorary Certificate” at the Bundesjugendspiele (Youth Triathlon). Afterwards they gave their best at various relay competitions to collect further points for their respective team colour, as at the end of the day the blue or red team would walk away with the prestigious Sports trophy.
In addition to the tournaments of the younger grades, the older learners competed against each other in sprint, middle distance running, high and long jump to determine the new “school champion” of 2016. A special mention goes to Ralph Hansen from Grade 12, who broke the old record of 1.85m in high jump and set the bar at a fabulous 1.90m. Linda Detering and Karen Rebeski also attempted a new high jump record of 1.56 which they both just missed. The parents Romy Anderson and Arnold Wellens were able to defeat the difficult competition and won the moms’ and dads’ 75m sprint races. The Sports Day ended with a popular highlight: the tug of war events. 10 girls from the red team competed against 10 girls from the blue team, with the red team winning. The blue team won the boys competition. At the victory ceremony two trophies were handed out: one for the team with the best team spirit and one with the most points in athletics and swimming.
This year both trophies went to the red team; congratulations! A big thank you goes to the team captains who practised war cry songs during school breaks, way before the sports festival and their energy and enthusiasm added to the great atmosphere on the day. Blue team: keep on practising- then you will win the trophy next year!
Please click here for the results of the sports fest.

At this point we would also like to welcome Webafrica: a new, big sponsor of the school who acquired a stand at the Sports Day to inform interested parents about their services.
Webafrica  is the largest independent internet service provider (ISP) in South Africa for ADSL and Fibre, and has been ensuring South African households and small businesses stay connected since 1997. They provide the latest internet solutions (capped or uncapped fibre) on the South African market. Fibre connections are lightning fast, reliable to boot and easy to maintain, electricity cannot interfere with the glass cabling. Since Webafrica is enthusiastic about education and connectivity in the community, they are sponsoring the DSK’s Fibre infrastructure from August onwards – bringing fast, reliable internet to our students and teachers.

Battle of the Bands at De Waal Park

A Battle of the Bands (BOB) was held at De Waal Park on Sunday 17 April 2016.  This  event, celebrating and supporting local school talent, was organised by the Arts and Culture Portfolio of Parent’s Council of the German International School Cape Town (DSK). It was a great success where 8 bands from 5 schools participated.   It would not have been possible without the support of: The City of Cape Town, The Friends of De Waal Park, REMAX, Academy of Sound Engineering, MARS Music, Da Vincis on Kloof, Excentric Hair Salon, The Book Lounge, Vida e Caffe on Kloof, the Labia, Jonathan Garnham from Blank Projects who designed and made a fabulous floating trophy, and our wonderful school team of sound engineers, music and media departments, admin and marketing, doctors and sanis. Thanks to our MC : Sivuyile Genu (DSK Alumni)  and our Jurors: Peter Pearlson (Academy of Sound Engineering), Matthew Reid (Playing with Fire), Ceri Pinto (School of Rock in Claremont).  


  • Best Band (Prize: Recording session at Academy of Sound Engineering)
    Winner: RED HANDED (S.A.C.S.)
  • Best Group work (Prize: Pizzas at Da Vincis)
    Winner: Camps Bay High School Band
  • Best Image (Prize:  Hairdos from Excentric Hair Salon)
    Winner: By Default - St. Cyprian’s High School, Grade 10
  • Best lyrics/Vocals (Prize: Voucher from The Book Lounge)
    Winner: Anna Coulentianos - St. Cyprian’s Grade 9 Rock Band
  • Best solo/instrument (Prize: Solos from Vida e Caffe on Kloof)
    Winner:  Seth Zayd Mayman, Lead Guitarist The 4Tunes - St. George’s Grammar School

The idea behind this event was for our young musicians to get a chance to perform, be part of the city, have fun, entertain and inspire others. The competition-style performances brought together diverse communities through musical talent.
Sadly, some Cape Town schools, do not have a music department and/or support.  However, we hope to bring awareness and hope turn this into an annual event and inspire other schools to create similar events in Cape Town.

List of bands in order of appearance:
St Cyprian’s Grade 9 Rock Band: Anna Coulentianos, Kai’sea Button, Stephanie Harrison, Isabella Strydom, Denika Veerasamy
By Default (St. Cyprian’s School): Niamh Ahern, Maria Caldis, Lara Dominicus
Enigma (DSK): Kiara Schaufelbuehl,  Domenique Schroeder, Kirsty Tredoux
The 4Tunes (St. George’s Grammar School): Seth Zayd Mayman, Luke Yazeed Mayman, Tristan Hartmann, Dylan Tariq Mayman
The Immigrants (DSK): Seif el Alfy, Lisa Schmoker, Ben Lamprecht, Lina Heckscher, Frederick Schulz, Sophie Charalambides, Malte Boegl
Camps Bay High School Band: Tobie Steyn, Erin Kensley, Rina Makano, Phelisa Magoqoza, Ziev Kazansky, Erin Oelmann , Julia Landstedt
Red Handed (S.A.C.S.): Nicky Arnold, Luke Dawson, Benjamin Defty, Thomas Purvis, Emrhys Stead
Shallshore (DSK): Felix Koelble, Denys Blecher, featuring Franca Stoll

Culture Portfolio of Parents’ Council Bettina Elten, Manda Woermann and Elisa Luna

Cape Town Triathlon

4 DSK learners successfully participated in the Discovery Cape Town Triathlon which took place on Sunday 24 April.
Linda Detering, Christopher Scherner, Pascal Hauser and Ralf Hansen took part in the Individual Schools Challenge, representing the DSK. The event consisted of a 500m swim, followed by a 20 km cycle and finally a 5km run.

First Play Handball Supercup at the DSK

231 kids of the age from 10 to 16 years competed in the 1st climate-neutral handball tournament at the DSK on Sunday, 24 April. The aim of the event was to reach out with sport to the youth, bring kids from various schools and cultural backgrounds together and to educate them at the same time about the environment. Teams from twelve different communities around Cape Town, Paarl, Franschhoek and Atlantis arrived to register for the tournament. But Handball was not the only focus of this event. An essential part of the tournament was the “Green Award” and the Eco-Trail to enhance environmental awareness among our youth.
Many thanks to Play Handball ZA who initiated and carried the tournament out in partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) and all volunteers who contributed to the great success of the day.
This tournament was the first of its kind and served as a pilot. There are two more planned for later this year. Congratulations to all participants and winners, the best DSK team was the boys u16 team who came 2nd.

Blue Plaque Award for the German International School Cape Town

The German International School Cape Town (DSK) is honoured to receive the prestigious Blue Plaque, which was awarded to the school by the Centre for Conservation Education and the Simon van der Stel Foundation. The Blue Plaque programme is run by the Simon van der Stel Foundation which commemorates historically important buildings and sites.
The plaque was unveiled in a ceremony with Sigi Howes, President of the Centre for Conservation Education and Ansie Kent from the Simon van der Stel Foundation as well as numerous members of the school and school board on the 23rd of April.
In a speech Ms Sigi Howes spoke about the origins of the Blue Plaque and its meaning to the DSK. Being a former learner in Grade 1 and 2 over 40 years ago, she keeps the school in good memory and speaks German fluently to this day. Our principal Mr Kirmse thanked the foundation for receiving this honour which was awarded to the school for its historical contribution as an educational institution over 130 years.
Our school is not just a place for academic, sports and artistic achievements, but also a place for learners from diverse cultural backgrounds to interact. In 1981 the DSK opened its doors to non-German speakers and has since grown proudly to an international school community with children and families from more than 25 nations. The integration as an integral part of the holistic development of each learner is as important as an excellent and diverse education which prepare the learners for the challenges of the future.

DSK Poetry Slam 2016

Congratulations to all “slammers” and winners of the German Poetry Slam who showed that poetry is powerful and lots of fun.
The winners are:
Grades 5/6:
DaF-prize: Liam Winstain & Quito Henrique (5d)
1: Rebekka Wenzel (5b);  2. : Nicola Scherner & Alexandra Anderson (5c); 3.: Clara Mentzner (6b)
Grades 7/8:
DaF-prize:  Saskia Gosnell (8c); Tracy Dusabimana & Nicky Ndebele (8d)
1.: Josua Wenzel (8b); 2.: Robin Zimmer (8a); 3.: Anthony Rivett & Torben Rebeski (7a)
Grades 9/10:
DaF-prize: Kristina Shaga (9c); Lukho Matshaya & Mbali Valashiya (9d)
1.: Lennart Schulz (10b); 2.: Emma Kubach (9c), Paula Freers & Karen Rebeski (10b); 3.: Lola Steiner & Andrea Wittenberg (9a); Jule Heckscher (10a)
Many thanks to the teachers Mr Schulz and Ms Wolfram for organising the event, the judges for their support and the bookstore Naumann for their generous prize donations!

Tennis victory

The Western Province u12 A Tennis Team won the Synergy Cup against teams of the Boland district, South Western districts and the Northern Cape last weekend. Congratulations to our learner Mark Backeberg, from Grade 6b (standing in the second row to the far left) who won all his matches contributing immensely to the victory of his team!

International Victory

The Camps Bay “Legends Soccer School” under-10 boys won the Dubai International Super Cup 2016 last week (this was even featured yesterday on the front page of the Cape Times). Our learner Jake Anderson, from Grade 4a was one of ten boys who was part of the winning team! Congratulations to Jake and his team with his coaches, Anees Abbas & Waleed Abrahams. What a great achievement!

2nd Place at „Robben Island Freedom Swim“

Congratulations to our DSK Relay team Ralf Hansen, Linda Detering, Jule Heckscher and Lisa Fourie, who came second in the Robben Island Freedom Swim on the 2nd of April. After 2:27hours they arrived at the finish in Big Bay bearing the ice cold water without a wetsuit!!! Many thanks to Barbara and Holger Heye who accompanied the team with their boat. Wido Schnabel assisted a team with DSK alumni Christina Geromont, Christopher von Blottnitz and Oliver Hansen.

Western Province Junior golfer impress at Fish River

Congratulations to our learner Tahir Mallick who won Gold with the Western Province under 13 team at the Fish River Challenge in the Eastern Cape on the 19th and 20th of March!
The six provinces that participated were Border, Eastern Province, Free State, Northern Cape, Southern Cape and Western Province.
The under 15 division was contested over 54 holes of stroke-play whilst the under 13 division was played over 45 holes of stroke-play. Teams consisted of six players with the 5 best scores counting towards the team total after each 9 was completed.
The under 13 division was won by Western Province by 5 shots.

The experience gained by the under 13 players, one as young as 8!, will be invaluable going forward. 

Sports Olympiad 2016 in Pretoria

We did it again! The DSK is winner of the Sports Olympiad 2016!
And the cherry on top: Linda Detering and Ralf Hansen defended their Victrix and Victor Ludorum titles. We are so proud of all our athletes and teachers. Our team could not have achieved this without the dedicated and hard work of our sports teachers over the past year – a big thank you to all!
All in all it was a wonderful event with outstanding results, impeccable team spirit from the get-go and new friendships were made. We would also like to thank everybody who supported us and shared the excitement during the Olympiad.

Second round of the debating tournament

On Monday evening, 14 March, our Senior debating team, Erik Polzin, Mahe Bodard and Wilder Zimmer, was engaged in a titanic struggle against Jan Van Riebeeck to prove that it is okay for parents to choose the genes of their children before they are born.  Jan Van Riebeeck pointed out the dangers to society of such a policy and led us into the trap of pleading the advantages of breeding a master race. Although our delivery was superior and our meaty matter was lightened by Wilder’s irrepressible sense of humour, the adjudication favoured Jan Van Riebeeck.
The Juniors, however, redeemed our fortunes with a solid win. Isabella Searle-Tripp in her first-ever debate proved with brilliantly developed arguments that allowing performance enhancing drugs would debase sport. Josua and Lara ably supported their teammate by battering the proposition with rebuttal. This time, the German School was favoured with the adjudicator’s approval and Isabella was judged the best speaker. 

The school can continue to be proud of these impressive ambassadors of the school who engage in the democratic process of proving that conflict can be resolved through reasoned argumentation. Our English Department can feel vindicated that generally many of our second language speakers can hold their own amongst the most prestigious English-speaking schools in the Peninsula. 

Enviro-Sports Day On Fish Hoek Beach 27 February 2016

“We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.”
Once again the members of the German School Interact Club (K.I.D.S.) excelled in bringing joy to the often drab lives of the children of homes and shelters patronised by the Interact Club.
One of the highlights of the day undoubtedly was the weather. Under a cloudless sky, with the very gentlest of breezes, the warm Indian Ocean invited even the most unwilling child into the waves. While the children disported themselves under watchful eyes, members of the interact club prepared food and drinks for lunch sponsored by Pick ‘n Pay and Peninsula Beverages.
Another highlight was the support of the Good Hope Seminary Interact Club which helped with the disposal of the litter collected by the children and the Fish Hoek High School Interact Club who were on the beach at dawn to help the German School members to erect gazebos and banners. The president of KIDS, Mila Newby, has been busy in the course of the year in building bridges with other interact clubs. Her success in this regard can be measured in the enthusiastic support from other interactors.
There were also some heart-stopping moments. The shark scare turned out to be the sighting of four dophins gambolling in the waves. Four-year old Tosie, who was apparently missing, was found asleep in the arms of one of the carers. Most heart-warming, of course, was the joy of the children ranging from four to sixteen years in playing beach games, break-dancing, collecting litter on the dunes and in paddling in a perfect sea.
The sea was 24 degrees centigrade!
The 26 Deutsche Schule interact club members must be congratulated on their ability to rise to the occasion and morph into whatever duty was needed at the time to make the day an overwhelming success.  Ally Winkler needs to be acknowledged specially for fulfilling the role of a gracious and well-spoken hostess.  KIDS were grateful for the moral support of one of our senior teachers, Herr Wolfram, who waded waist deep in the water in his trousers to persuade some of the stronger swimmers to return closer to shore.
Although members of K.I.D.S work steadily throughout the year as caterers to raise the money to fund the day - especially the cost of the Edu-train - , the event would not be possible without the generous support of Pick ‘n Pay and Peninsula  Beverages who pay for the food and drink. Support from local life-savers from the Fish Hoek Life Saving Club were greatly appreciated as the children surged into the warm sea.
To conclude I would like to quote from a thank –you received from one of our homes:
“Thank you for planting lavender in the hearts of my children. They really enjoyed themselves and had so much fun. A huge thank you to the hands and hearts that contributed.” 
Frau Ball
Liaison Teacher Interact Club German School

Grade 5 class camp

The grade fives went on their biennial class camp from the 24th to the 26th of February 2016 with the class teachers Mr Lange, Mrs Odding, Mrs Noble, and me, Mrs Machhadi.  We were bussed early Wednesday morning through the tunnel to Rawsonville.  The first item on the agenda was to visit Du Toits Kloof winery to learn how grapes are processed.  We even got to see the laboratory were the chemist was testing the acidity.
Right after the tour we had an animal show where a gentleman brought some of his reptiles for us to see and interact with. The lesson was firstly how beautiful they are and how important it was to respect and take care of them.
Arriving at the camp site very close by, everyone disembarked and waited for Braam, the camp leader, to intoduce himself. Everyone was allocated a bedroom and with enthusiasm learners made their way to find a bed.
A well-organized program was planned for the days we were there. Teachers watched how children interacted with each other and with the leaders. It was a good time to relate to the children on another level, where interesting chats could take place.
Children were encouraged to move outside of their comfort zones, when activities were tackled for the first time. Examples of this was climbing under posts in a mud pool, balancing accross poles, climbing around tyres hanging from a post over, climbing up a wall, all with the support of fellow learners giving a hand where needed.
Making a potjie with a group of other pupils, whom they were still getting to know was a great experience. Teachers were given the oppertunity to taste each group's gourmet dish, all of which were exceptional.
With kids battling to get to sleep and waking up really early, it does not need to be said, that all of us were exhausted and happy to have a good night's rest in their own bed.
We hope that when they have their next class camp in grade seven, they will have even more fun!
Gaby Noble and Simone Machhadi, March 2016

News from the Eco Rangers

Welcome to our teacher Ninka Dunn who has taken over the Eco Rangers from Gaby Noble.
The Eco Rangers are currently busy with developing a veggie garden and they focus this year on creating more awareness about recycling at the school. Watch out for the Eco Rangers.

Breaking Walls artists

On the 24th of February, our Breaking Walls artists met for the first time after their fabulous mutual play in October. 12 learners from the DSK and 12 guests of the Rainbow Dream Trust (learners from different townships in and around Cape Town) presented our Grade 7-10 students their inspiring project in the KTS.

Annual DSK Swim Gala 2016

Results of the swimming gala - Grades 2 to 4.
Results of the swimming gala - Grades 5 to 7.
Results of the swimming gala - Grades 8 to 12.
Winner of medals & trophies

Thursday, 18.2.
Once a year the best swimmers of the Grades 2-12 swop the class room for the swimming pool to participate in the DSK Swim Gala. On Thursday, Grade 8-12 learners competed against each other in various disciplines on a beautiful summer’s day. The competition was pretty stiff and numerous records were broken in close fought races.

Congratulations to all new record holders:
Nicholas Oosthuizen (year 2002) – Backstroke, Freestyle & Butterfly (held since 2010)
Ralf Hansen (year 1998) – Freestyle, Backstroke & Butterfly (held since 2014)
Lisa Fourie (year 1998) – Freestyle (held since 2015), Breaststroke (held since 2013), Backstroke (held since 2012) &  Butterfly (held since 2013)

The relay fun races was won by the red team 4-2. These great results prove that we are well prepared and ready for the Sports Olympiad in Pretoria next month!

Friday, 19.2.
The weather cooled down last Friday and despite the fog and the cold our young Grade 2-7 learners gave their very best in the pool. It was another day in which records were broken, even long standing records which have existed for years.

Congratulations to:
Elsa Petersen (year 2007)- Breaststroke (held since 2007)
Peter Etzold (year 2005) - Backstroke & Butterfly (records since 2004)
Johanna Freers (year 2003) – Breaststroke (held since 2011)

For the second year running there was a fun medley relay challenge where teachers, parents and learners competed against each other. It was lots of fun with our boys and girls teams beating the older generations by quite a distance. Afterwards the Grade 2-7 fun relays started, which is always a highlight of the Swim gala. With lots of cheering from the ranks, the red team won against the blue team 5-2. These points will be credited for the upcoming Sports fest.
Another successful Swim Gala completed and we would like to say a big thank you to everybody involved. Especially Britta Etzold and Sabine Heckscher, all colleagues, first aiders, the technical team, the maintenance staff, the refreshment team and last but not least all the parents for their wonderful support!


This competition took place a while ago (in the school holidays), but we don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to congratulate our student, Eugenie for her great achievement! Eugenie was part of the South African Junior Team at the 2015 Region 5 competition in Tumbling and won Silver in individual and Gold with the team. She has now full SA colours. Very well done!

Cape Champs 2016

The Llandudno Lifesaving Club drove up to Mossel Bay to compete in the annual Cape Championships. There is a limit of 20 competitors for each club and luckily I was one of the competitors for Llandudno. 

We drove for about 5 hours and finally reached Mossel Bay. We checked into a backpackers and sorted everything out for the competition the next day, Saturday, 30 January. 

The following morning, we all got ready to take the trailer to the competition and start competing. It was a long and exhausting day including " Board Race, Beach Relay, Run Swim Run, Beach Sprints, Single Ski, Long Run, Board Relay, Flags, Rescue Tube, Board Rescue, Iron Lady, Surf Swim and Taplin." I competed in all of these events and also managed to win Victrix Ludlum for the competition. 

After that we went back to the backpackers, got some food and just relaxed for the rest of the night. The next morning, we headed back to Cape Town. 
Linda Detering

Peter – congratulations!
The decision against Interschools Athletics and in favour of the Western Province Jack Curry Champs in Swimming was not an easy one for Peter Etzold (Grade 5, 10 years old). So much the better that he was rewarded with personal best times and participation in the finals in all his races as well as 6 medals. His second place in the 100m free with a time of 1:14 sec. deserves a special mention.

Welcome at the big school

67 German-speaking Grade 1 learners started school on the 20th of January and lots of excited parents and relatives accompanied their little ones on the their big day.
They kicked off with the German traditional “Zuckertüte” (colourful school bag with sweets and stationery), welcome speeches and a marvellous school play performed by the Grade 2 learners before they got to know their new class.
We wish you all a great start at the DSK!

Congratulations to our Top 1% graduates!

We would like to pay special tribute to two graduates who have made us particularly proud: Carla Lambrechts and Nicolas Taylor (Matric 2015).
They fall in the Top 1% (of IEB matriculants) nationwide in the following subjects: Carla for Life Sciences and Nicolas for Advanced Mathematics! What outstanding results!!

Abitur and IEB Results of Class 2015

The DSK is very proud of its 2015 Grade 12 learners who achieved a 100% Pass Rate as well as a 100% Bachelor Pass.
All 49 learners are also eligible for access to universities in South Africa and Germany due to their good results in the Abitur as well as NSC in conjunction with the German Language Diploma II.
64 A’s were achieved in the IEB stream (out of 32 learners) and 17 A’s in the Abitur stream (out of 17 learners). In total 11 learners obtained distinctions. Congratulations!These outstanding results reflect the dedicated work of our learners on a high level which is only possible with the support of our excellent teachers and a very supportive school community!
For the future we wish our Class of 2015 all the best, many more dreams to dream, goals to set and conquer! We are looking forward to keeping in touch with you and hope that we will be able to count on you as an active Alumni of the DSK!


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