Career guidance

At the DSK we have career counsellors who advise learners who would like to study in Germany or who would like to focus on building a career in South Africa.

General career counselling

The school has career counsellors available for learners who have questions or require more information on future studies. The session normally includes aptitude tests, personality tests, giving guidance on subject choices, job shadowing, and bursaries/scholarships as well as providing information regarding tertiary studies.

Please visit our career guidance website,, to access information on some of the questions you may have. The website will be hosting a regular online Q&A the first Thursday of every month via their “Webinar System”.  Anyone can join in: learners, teachers or parents. If you would like to make an appointment with the school career guidance counsellor, please email Nanette Olivier,, she is available Fridays from 12:30h-13:50h in room 2.10.

For more info on career expos, you can also visit

Career Indaba

Every second year the DSK organises a Career Indaba, which showcases a broad range of career options. There are workshops, talks and one-on-one consultations with professional parents and alumni who make themselves available for questions regarding their line of work.  35 – 50 tertiary institutions present and offer information on further studies and career options. The Indaba is compulsory for all Grade 9 – 12 learners to attend.

Grade 8 & 9 Vocational Orientation Days

Information and documents for Grade 8
Information for parents
Information for the company/institution
Letter of acceptance from the company
Confirmation letter after vocational orientation day

Information and documents for Grade 9
Information for parents
Information for the company/institution
Letter of acceptance from the company
Confirmation letter after vocational orientation day

Grade 10 – Job shadowing

All Grade 10 learners have the opportunity to get a week’s practical experience in a career field of their choice, followed by a formal assignment regarding their experience in their Life Orientation lessons.

Confirmation letter
Parent letter and consent form 
Workshadow letter to learners

University visits

Grade 11 learners usually visit The University of Stellenbosch and UCT. Besides discussing admission requirements and admission procedures, the learners often get the opportunity to sit in on lectures and gather information and gain a first impression of university life.

Study trips to Germany

Every year in June a group of high school learners travel to Germany on a study trip. The contact person for the German vocational guidance is Daniela Schleusener,
Nanette Olivier is responsible for South African Career Counseling.

Mentoring system

The step from school to university can be nerve-racking and sometimes our high school learners have questions which the career counsellor cannot answer. Questions about accommodation, life on campus, subject choices… these questions can be directed to former learners of the DSK who act as mentors for our high school learners.

Alumni network

The DSK has an online alumni network and a social media platform for former learners to help keep in touch with the school and with each other. We often recommend and stress the importance of using these contacts and their knowledge when looking for career guidance. The school constantly strives to include alumni in our career guidance network.