Class of 2017 results

We would like to congratulate the DSK Class of 2017 on the exceptional results they have achieved. 33 learners graduated this year accumulating a total of 102 distinctions! Once again the DSK boasts not only a 100% Pass rate, but also a 100% Bachelors pass! These results are a reflection of hard work and commitment to academic excellence, from both- learners and DSK teachers alike.

8 learners achieved an overall average of above 80%: Maya Kahanovitz, Victor Beckers, Estelle Bergmann, Mikayla Hug, Min Young Jeong, Anna Marie Schulz, Nicolas Schulz and Matis Tartie.

Three learners attained distinctions in all subjects: Estelle Bergmann (10), Mikayla Hug (10) and Maya Kahanovitz (8 (IEB)).

The following learners are within the top 1% of achievers in German Abitur subjects (offered only by the three German Schools in South Africa): Estelle Bergmann (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics), Mikayla Hug (Biology), Matis Tartie (French) and Anna Marie Schulz (Arts Appreciation).

We are extremely proud of these results and wish the Class 2017 all the best in their future endeavours!