Parents' Representatives

Dear Parents, Teachers, Students, Staff and Friends of the DSK
The Parents' Council consists of elected parent representatives who represent their respective classes for two consecutive years. The Parents' Council functions as a mouthpiece of the parents and by extension the learners as well.  It presents the parents and learners’ interests to the teaching body and the school management board and supports the activities of the school.
The Parents' Council meets approximately 8 - 9 times per year on a Tuesday evening and discusses issues that are relevant to the parent community, the activities of the various portfolio committees and tasks which have been selected by the representatives. For example: Sport, Bazaar, Safety & Traffic, Aftercare and many others. The Chairperson of the Parents' Council also gives a report-back from the previous Management Board meetings, thus providing feedback on important management issues to the parent community.  Matters for discussion at the Parents’ Council are submitted before the meeting via email to the Chairperson and subsequently addressed at the meeting itself.  The monthly minutes are circulated via email for action and follow-up.
We would like to encourage all parents to be active in the Parents' Council, to create and promote a school climate that enables our children to absorb important values, to have fun whilst learning and to become self-assured and socially responsible young people. We all share the responsibility of this important task and with everyone's support we can realise the desires and dreams we have for our children.  Through the Parents’ Council parents can also get involved in various school functions and activities.  The Bazaar is the biggest school event on the calendar and is also the biggest fundraiser for the school.
It is critically important that we remain informed about everything concerning our children. In the Parents' Council we have the chance to obtain such information, to make contact with like-minded parents – especially for “new parents” - and to put into action ideas in collaboration with the teaching and the management bodies.

Kind regards

Ingo Stinnes                                                 
Chair of the Parents' Committee   
Martin Schulze-Hulbe
Deputy Chair 

Karin Mücke    


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