Load money onto your eLunch card

What is eLunch?

Our cafeteria and tuckshop use a cash free prepaid payment system called eLunch. Parents can load money into their child’s card, monitor purchases and limit items which can be bought. Meals are purchased with eLunch at a discounted price.

Please note: debit cards are not accepted, the system only accepts credit and cheque cards.

How does it work?

Go to eLunch.

Username: barcode on student ID, without the *
Password: same as the default username, letter must all be in capitals, eg. LEA2188872

Once logged in you can:

  • click on Deposit Funds to transfer money from your bank account to your child’s card/account
  • click on Accounts to see transactions and view purchases made
  • click on Item Restrictions to limit the items your child can purchase

Forgot your password? Click on Logon on the screen, and then on Forgot Password?
For problems please contact helpdesk@dsk.co.za