History of the School

1875    Purchase of a property for the construction of a school by the St. Martini parish, Cape Town
1883    The Deutsche St. Martini School was founded
1903    Initial financial assistance by the government of the German Reich
1930    The school becomes the responsibility of the School Association
1961    Name changed to DSK.  Move to the new building, financed to a great extent by the Federal Republic of Germany.
1964    First Matric examination at the DSK
1978    Inauguration of the Arthur-Painczyk Sportsfield
1981    Admission to the DSK open for children and young people of all races
1983    Inauguration of the new swimming pool + 100 Year Celebration
1984    Construction of the natural sciences classrooms
1987    Introduction of the Third Language Stream
1989    first German Post-Matric [Abitur] examination at the DSK
1992    Olympiad of the German Schools in Southern Africa at the DSK for the first time
1994    Construction of the new hostel
1995    Inauguration of the 2nd Primary School in Bellville. “Music Festival“of the German schools in Southern Africa at the DSK
1997    Inauguration of the Gisela-Lange-Music Hall and the renovated Konrad-Taeuber-Hall
1998    Relocation of the Primary School from Bellville to Parow
2002    Complete new design of the school playground
2003 Official opening of the 2nd computer room
2006 Inauguration of the Gisela Lange Music Centre
2008 Anniversary celebrations 125 years DSK, creation of the sculpture "School Time"
2009 Interactive Whiteboards in all rooms Gr 5 and above
2009 First combined German International Abitur/NSC exams
2010 Inauguration of refurbished science labs by the Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille
2010 Inauguration of the first solar power plant, which provides electricity to 6 class rooms
2011 Opening of a second English language class in grade 5
2011 BLI (Bund-Länder-Inspektion) German Seal of Quality for Academic Excellence
2012 Sports Olympiad
2013 Orchstra Festival of the German schools in Southern Africa
2013 New building: library, 8 class rooms and multi-function room

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