Hamburg Exchange 2018

20th January to 3rd February 2018, the time we spent with our exchange students here in Cape Town was delightful! The students from Hamburg arrived early on that Saturday morning at Cape Town International Airport, where they met their exchange partners for the first time and also got to know their families fort he following two weeks.

Over the weekend families took their exchange students to tour our beloved home town. On Sunday most of the group joined a Hout Bay boat trip to Seal Island and then gathered at the Rudimentals Concert in de Waal Park for a chance to just chill and listen to some music – something we teens love to do!

On the following Monday, everyone attended class in the first four lessons, and then met in the multi-function room (MFR). After several introductory games, we were divided into groups and got to estimate how much water we used up each day and tried to design creative ways to save water.

On the next day our visitors did a township tour and learned a bit about the history of South Africa; while us South-Africans did our best to concentrate in class. On Wednesday everyone went to the West Coast Biosphere and visited Kwa-ttu. We learned a lot about the so-called “Alien Plants” and about the life of the San and all of their traditions..

On Thursday there was another project day at the school. We were yet again divided into groups of four and had to present on one of the following topics: either the causes of the water crisis, the export of water, ways to cook without using up too much water, a world without water or a role-play on water.  Thereafter we also built constructions that were meant to desalinate seawater – but that prooved more difficult then most of us had anticipated.

Inbetween all that hard work we got to have a little fun-well the teachers certainly did; they got to watch us race around the sports field with 5L bottles –we were all fairly exhausted after that.

On Friday our guests from Hmburg left us to our school work once again and went on a hike through the city to see the main downtown buildings. Unlucky for them, the weather on that day was warm and they sweated a lot, especially walking back to the school uphill.

On the weekend, various activities were organized again, such as beach visits or hikes, depending on what each host family wanted to show their guest.

The following Monday we met with a group from Langa High to explore the water quality of the Liesbeek River together. We all had a blast, enjoying the cool water and catching many little bugs, frogs, tadpoles and even crabs!

On Tuesday everyone visited the Two Oceans Aquarium- I think it’s safe to say that we were all thrilled at the variations of colours, shapes and sizes of the diversity of fish. We even got to sing happy birthday to two of the students (Ylva from Hamburg and Thomas from Cape Town)- what a delightful coincidence!

On Wednesday our guests for the third time went on a little trip, this time to the Cape of Good Hope – lucky fish! They even got to visited Boulders Beach and see all those cute little penguines!

On Thursday everyone went for a ‘little’ stroll thorough Cape Town to meet a South African politician and ask him questions about the water crisis –  those seats in parliament are so comfortable….and of course this novel experience was very informative.

On the Friday everyone took part in class for the first 4 lessons; then we all met up in the MFR for the last time, just to finish it off nicely. In the evening, a farewell braai took place at the school. This was greatly enjoyed by all.

The Hamburgers then flew off on Saturday night. There were many tears – more then I’d expected – this experience was truly memorable; and I must say, I think we all made life-long friends within those short two weeks that we got to know each other in.

We can’t wait until it’s our turn to fly overseas and see what our new friends have in store for us there.

“For me the exchange was a wonderful, exciting experience, where you learned a lot and got to know new things!” (Mathilda from Hamburg)

“I completely agree with Mathilda’s opinion and can only add that I had a lot of fun!” (Luca from Hamburg)

“It was nice and warm and we met a lot of great new people!” (Leonie from Hamburg)

“Dit was lekker yo!” (Marie from Cape Town)

“I’m so glad that I got to be part of this experience!“ (Anna Lear Pinkney from Cape Town).

Anna Lear Pinkney, 10a