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Our Interact Club, KLUB INTERACT DEUTSCHE SCHULE, or KIDS, has continued to support children most in need in our society – children without homes, without parents or family – living up to our motto, “Kids help kids help kids”.  Without Frau McKee at the helm, however, it has not been plain sailing as our Club has sought to expand its membership and find new projects to replace the Cultural Day.
It nevertheless gives me great pleasure to report on some of the highlights of the activities of KIDS this year. Our homes and activities are listed at the end of the article.

Our flagship event – the Sports-Enviro Day at Big Bay Beach at Blouberg in March proved a great success thanks to superb weather and fantastic support from the school community, our mentors and sponsors. The sheer joy of 483 children as they flocked into the waves made the day for us and we were well rewarded by some enthusiastic hip-hop dances choreographed by the children. Most of our funds are spent on this project and we are trying to find ways to make this marvellous event more cost effective in 2014.

To make up for one of our sponsors no longer donating clothing items, KIDS began a new project in the second term and began collecting second hand clothes from the school community. The response was overwhelming and special mention must be made of Mr Zundel’s mother who donated 3 giant cartons of children’s clothing from Germany. All our homes have expressed thanks for the luxurious quality of the clothing especially the warm winter jackets. We shall definitely continue with this project next year.
Monthly visits on Tuesday afternoons to Umtha Welanga to help AIDS orphans with their homework commenced. This new project to provide our matriculants with an opportunity to do community service is not feasible. Too many learners dropped out at the last minute and the travelling time to Khayalitsha and back on a school afternoon did not justify the effort. Hopefully we can find other ways to give senior learners a chance to do community service for their Life Orientation portfolios. The school will be promoting the President’s Awards in 2015 with this purpose in mind.
A bright idea of our President, Ally Winkler, took root and will be an ongoing KIDS’ project. Western Cape Blood Transfusion Service arrived on the school campus at the end of July and set up a temporary blood donation clinic. The co-ordinators of the clinic were so impressed with the success of the project that it has already been arranged that our school will be the venue for a temporary clinic twice in the forthcoming year – 6 February and 19 May. According to the Long Street Clinic report, which includes our contribution, 1682 pints of blood were collected and 5046 lives were saved.
The One-to-One Event in August at the Good Hope Centre has become a permanent fixture in the KIDS’ calendar. Fifteen of our members gave up a Sunday to guide and interact with children from Athlone School for the Blind so they could participate in the competitions, win prizes and enjoy the musical performances. This is a meaningful educational experience for our advantaged learners who were able to appreciate the positive attitude of children who are not only from impoverished backgrounds but who also have serious physical handicaps to deal with.
One of the aims of KIDS is to empower our learners in management and leadership skills. Two of our members, Katarina Ritzenthaler and Mila Newby proved themselves so strongly at the Rotary Youth Leadership Camps in Franschhoek in April that they were invited to the more advanced camp to lead others in September. Both excelled. For the sponsorship of these leadership courses, we must thank the Rotary Club am Kap.

Fundraising was vigorously pursued throughout the year by doing catering for musical evenings and parent/teacher meetings. Civvies Days, regular cake sales and proceeds from the Bazaar also help. From April to September, the Interact Club was able to raise over R12 000 to spend on its outreach projects.

With this glittering array of successes you might wonder why there are some reservations. My instinct is that we are working so hard to raise money that we are not spending enough time interacting with our homes. When we visited Leliebloem House, we were welcomed with open arms and spent a fun afternoon playing with the children. These deprived children thrive on outside interest and affection and I would like KIDS to be able to spend more time with our homes, supporting them in games and homework. A link with Edulab is being pursued as a possibility.
Most importantly, none of KIDS activities would be possible without the extraordinary dedication of the members and the board. This year KIDS enjoyed the superb leadership of Ally Winkler, Julian Oldenburg, Katja Diedericks and Katarina Ritzenthaler. Ally as President ran a well-oiled machine and initiated me in the inner workings of KIDS. Julian as deputy was always there to take slack and has the intuitive ability to just know what has to be done when. As Treasurer, Katja showed herself to be a steady, reliable pillar of the board. Despite having a computer that did not work and poor logistic support, Katarina still managed to churn out thank-you letters, minutes and notices at the drop of a hat. I took over KIDS from a legend at the end of 2013 and was full of fear for the future. These extraordinary learners made my task a pleasure.
On 9 October, the inauguration of the new board took place at the Yacht Club sponsored by Rotary. Mila Newby is the new president with Julian Oldenburg as Deputy, guaranteeing continuity. Nomzamo Tshuma takes over as Treasurer and Nande Mjamba is the new secretary. A fifth position has been created on the board to deal with public relations issues like notices of events and keeping the web page updated. Gianluca Verolini is already fulfilling this role admirably.  
On behalf of KIDS, I should like to express our appreciation for the extraordinary support our club enjoys from the headmaster and staff, the schulvorstand, the estate manager, the manager of the cafeteria and administrative staff of the school. Also the club has enjoyed visits from Rotary in the persons of Mr Oscar Ssuna and Dr Rainer Brinkmann. The Rotary emblem of the wheel is well represented in the teamwork experienced by the Interact Club and the learners are deeply appreciative of the opportunity to improve the quality of life for children most in need and to be empowered to become active citizens.
Sue Ball
Kids Liaison Teacher

Interact Activities 2014

Year Workshop January
Catering at Elternabends January and February
Sports Enviro Day Workshop February
Sports Enviro Day March
RYLA Camp March
Visit to Leliebloem Home April
Catering Teachers’ Feed Back evening April
Assisting AIDS orphans with homework at Umtha Welanga, first & second term
Catering Music Concert June
Waitressing for Education NGO July
Western Cape Blood Transfusion Clinic July
Catering Elternabend August
One-to-One Event at Good Hope Centre August
RYLA Camp September
Inauguration at Yacht Club October
Catering for Theater October
Santa Shoe Box Project October
Western Cape Blood Transfusion Training October
4 Civvies Days, one each term
4 Cake Sales, one each term
Basar Stall November
Hosting Percy Bartley House at basar
Tea and workshop with carers November

Institutions supported by KIDS
Percy Bartley House
Ons Plek
Leliebloem House
The Homestead
Village Care
Walmer Primary School

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