Language fun all the way from the Swiss Alps

Our Grade 11s were swept away to the heights of the Swiss Alps when Swiss best selling author, Arno Camenisch, read from his latest book, “Der letzte Schnee.” (2018) accompanied by Roman Nowka on electric guitar. His strong facial expressions, elaborate gestures and intonation enchanted the audience. The story – about two old friends, Paul and George, in the Swiss mountains reminiscing and contemplating the present and future – is an interesting insight into the souls of people living in the Alps.

The second part of the performance, a spoken-word act, consisted of short texts (poems, episodes) presented in different languages (French, Swiss German, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic). Even if the content was not always comprehensible, the sound and rhythm got the message across. It was a memorable event which gave great insight as to how fascinating and multifaceted language can be.

Thanks must go to the Swiss General Consulate of Cape Town for making this visit possible.

Jan Schumann, HoD DaM