What is Peer Mediation?

Anti Bullying Policy
  • Stages of a Mediation session
    Recruiting and selecting of Peer Mediators
    Procedures of Mediation when implementation is complete

    Mediation is a process …..

    • by which participants dispute conflicts in order to find solutions on their own in mutual agreement
    • that is assisted by a neutral person (mediator)
    • or will be conducted by fellow students (peers)
    • that is also characterized as a “win-win-situation”
    • that is a totally voluntary procedure; nobody can be forced to attend mediation

    Goals of Peer Mediation (general statements)

    Mediation …..

    • creates a peaceful school community
    • is marked by improved interpersonal relationships
    • is founded on an enhanced sense of accountability for behaviours
    • is founded on learners who are empowered and confident and appropriately skilled to solve relational problems among themselves

    Objectives (measurable statements)

    Mediation …..

    • improves school climate
    • reduces incidents of conflicts
    • decreases the number of detentions and suspensions in the school
    • improves students’ self-esteem, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills
    • improves relations among culturally and ethnically diverse groups

    Implementation of the Peer Mediation Programme (completed in 2008)

    Training of a number of teachers by professionals (CENTRE FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION, Cape Town)
    Popularizing the programme (learners, parents, teachers)
    Introduction of the Peer Mediation Programme to all learners of grade 6 to 11 at KTS
    Selection, recruiting of peer mediators
    Training of peer mediators
    Launch of Peer Mediation programme

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