The English-Stream

  • is aimed at all children whose mother tongue is not German
  • starts in Grade 5
  • accepts only learners who have passed an assessment examination in English and Mathematics
  • uses English as medium of instruction while teaching German intensively
  • offers the option to do the IEB National Senior Certificate (Matric) and German Language Diploma
    DSD II, providing you with a passport to international study
  • equips your child to participate successfully in the global economy
  • acquaints your child with the language and culture of one of the most innovative countries in Europe

If you have any further queries, please contact: Holger Wolfram

Application for Grade 5 non-german speakers

We offer a class, starting in Grade 5, with English as medium of instruction. Your child will learn German intensively.

• 100% Matric Pass Rate
German A-Levels (Abitur): your passport to international study (dependent upon certain requirements being fulfilled)
• Internationally recognized German Language Certificate (DSD II)
• Affordable private school
Competitive school fees
Bus service
Extensive extra-mural programme

Assessment Exams

If you would like to register for the assessment exam, please contact:
In the English test, competences in listening and reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary and grammar will be tested. No Multiple Choice Answers.
The Mathematics test consists of tasks in basic numeracy, number patterns, measurement, fractions, time, using an analogue clock, word sums and logical thinking. It also includes a very basic interpretation of graphs and tables.
For further information please contact: Mr Holger Wolfram

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