Olympiade 2014

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Team und Programm 2014

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The DSK team wins the Sports Olympiad 2014 in Johannesburg!!!!!
Words cannot describe how proud we are of our whole Olympiad team, teachers and trainers!
And to top it all, both Victrix Ludorum titles go to the DSK as well! Well done Ralf Hansen and Linda Detering and congratulations to all!!
The DHPS came second and the DSJ third!
Download final results here.

2. Wettkampftag: Schwimmen & Tennis

DSJ 15
DSK 12
DSP 14

Alle Schwimmergebnisse hier herunterladen.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an unsere Medaillengewinner!
Medley Staffeln
WK1 Girls GOLD
WK2 Girls GOLD
Freestyle mit 4 Schwimmern aus jeder Altersgruppe Girls SILBER Boys BRONZE

Individuals Girls
Free Jule Heckscher GOLD
Brust Paula Freers BRONZE
Rücken Jule Heckscher SILBER
Fly Jule Heckscher BRONZE

Free Lisa Fourie GOLD
Brust Linda Detering BRONZE
Rücken Lisa Fourie SILBER
Fly Lisa Fourie GOLD

Brust Nina Scholtz BRONZE

Individuals Boys

Brust Ernest Scholtz BRONZE

Tägliche Berichte

Sportolympiade: Siegerehrung und Ankunft in Kapstadt

Nach einer überaus erfolgreichen Woche gab es am Donnerstagabend (20.3.) allen Grund zum Jubeln, nachdem die DSK bei der Abschlussfeier als Sieger der Schulolympiade 2014 ausgerufen wurde!
Mit einem Punkt Differenz verwies das DSK-Team die DHPS auf Platz 2 und die Gastgeber aus Johannesburg erzielten den 3. Platz. Siegestrunken und vom Feiern müde sind die Olympioniken, Lehrer und Begleiter am Freitagmorgen wieder zurück aus Johannesburg gekommen und wurden überschwänglich am Flughafen in Kapstadt begrüßt!

Day 4 - Sports Olympiad

Today was again an amazing day for the DSK. All of us split up in the morning to go our separate ways, seeing that all of the ball games were at different locations. I went with the WK3 Boys to watch their basketball matches.
We arrived at a set of dilapidated old basketball courts which had chains as nets. It gave us all the feeling as if the team was about to play some street basketball.

Once the matches began, we were constantly receiving updates from the girls and boys at soccer, handball and volleyball. The other DSKians were doing so well in their respective disciplines, that it inspired the basketball squad to achieve well. In the end we lost one game. This gave DSJ the gold medal and us the silver. After the depressing last game, everyone felt rather bleak... But that ended soon! We went to an amazing theme park - Gold Reef City, and had the most amazing time one could possibly have. After we left, everyone had a smile on their faces.
Nicolas Taylor

Day 3 - Sports Olympiad

Today was a great day for the DSK squad, seeing that we racked in gold medal after gold medal and dominated multiple events. Before the athletics began, we started off our day with a long bus ride and high spirits. Once we all arrived at the stadium, the athletes warmed up on the tartan track. A new experience for  the squad, but that most definitely did not stop them!
The weather once again proved its unpredictability, as it was blazing hot in the morning and rather chilly in the noon. There was also a short moment of drizzling rain. The constantly changing weather did nothing to change the teams high spirits though. As a matter of fact, the DSK teamed up with the DSP to mess its war cries against those of the other cities. It was a rather fun ending to an already amazing day.
Nicolas Taylor

Day 2- Sports Olympiad

Our day began at the crack of dawn, despite the early morning hours, the DSK was ready for the upcoming day!
First on the program was swimming. In support for our swimmers we went through every war cry and song that we had at our disposal until we had hoarse voices.
We won first important medals, also gold medals though the DSJ seemed to be very strong.
After the swimming, we went off to the tennis courts that were located on the other side of town (in Joburg "on the other side of town" is quite a distance). Throughout the bus ride, our songs and cheers never ended. 
When we arrived at the tennis courts, the weather started shifting. It rained and stormed for a minute while the sun shone and it was hot the next minute- a typical summer day for Johannesburg.
Overall the DSK achieved good results on the first day of sports and congratulations to all medal winners! All of us went to bed with a lot of anticipation for the athletics day.
Nicolas Taylor

Day 1- Sports Olympiad

The DSK left Cape Town at the crack of dawn on a journey to the city of gold and its unknown climate.
We arrived at the DSJ where we reluctantly parted from one another and left with our host parents to see where we would be living for the following week. 
That night we returned to the DSJ to witness the big opening ceremony.
Among other things we heard the story of a former South African Olympic gold medalist. In that moment we felt proud to be South African.
The most fun and engaging part of the ceremony was the theatric performance by DSJ students from grades 1-12.
At the end of the evening, the DSJ principal officially opened the long awaited Olympiad 2014, which made everyone’s heart beat faster! The night ended with excitement and anticipation for the following week:
everyone is “stoked”, and “so ready for this”!
Nicolas Taylor

Video Clips

GoPro Videos von Tembela Bohle (Klasse 11)
Erstellt von Schülern des Mediateam:


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