Recycling at the DSK

The success and profitability of recycling is directly related to the weight of recyclables. The more we recycle, the less landfill we create. We need a minimum 1500kg of recyclables per month to maintain our cost-free relationship with Wasteplan our current recycling partner. If you would like to have more information about Wasteplan please look at their website Help DSK go green.

Parents can now recycle at the DSK! The recycling bags are free and available from security.

Please follow the recycling rules so that we can make this a big success and not create unnecessary extra work for Gail, her ground staff team and the parents who assist with the programme.

  • Put your full bags into the cage and not next to the cage
  • Make sure your bags are closed so that papers don’t litter the car park
  • Make sure that the items such as milk bottles or yoghurt containers are rinsed clean before you put them into the bag. (This is different from Germany where the recycling facilities wash the goods when they arrive at the recycling depot ). In South Africa real people sort out the bulk of the rubbish and not machines.
  • Please flatten items as much as possible so that we can transport more per cage load
  • NB. Please try to keep white paper glass and tins separate (in separate bags)

The rest can be place as co-mingled waste into a single bag.

You can recycle
Paper and cardboard - any paper, newspapers and magazines. Cardboard boxes can be flattened and put directly into the cage without being bagged.
Plastic – any bags, bottles and containers. Try to flatten milk bottles a bit and also remove the lids of plastic bottles so that you can get more into a bag.
Metal – rinsed food tins, cans and scrap metal
Tetrapak – foil lined juice and milk bottles
Glass – any rinsed bottles or jars. Please put these into the cage gently so that we don’t have broken glass in the parking area.

Please note - we cannot recycle the following items:
cling wrap, disposable nappies, chemicals, paint, toothpaste tubes, polystyrene or polystyrene punnets, clear food punnets without a recycling symbol, dog food packets, washing powder packets, chip or chocolate packets, motor oil containers, acids,  solvents, organic waste, food scraps, vegetable peels, garden waste, clothing, shoes or any very wet dirty or contaminated items

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