School communicator
We highly recommend downloading the school communicator application as the school management communicates with the parents mainly via this forum. The information is continuously updated daily and it is vital that parents look at the school communicator regularly. All text is in German and English.

Please follow the link to download the school communicator to your computer and/or smartphone and select Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt.

The DSK Infoblatt is a monthly newsletter which reports on main events, school activities and learners’ achievements. The Extrablatt is a newsletter or invitation sent out with regards to important school events such as the AGM or the Bazaar. Both the Infoblatt and Extrablatt are sent out as emails.

The school uses Facebook regularly to report on happenings at the school. ‘Like’ the official DSK Facebook page if you want to stay up-to-date with school life and events. (view Facebook)

The Bazaar has its own Facebook page to keep everybody up-to-date with Bazaar news and events taking place at our biggest annual school fundraiser. (view Facebook)

The parent council have relaunched the Secondhand Marketplace Facebook page to give parents a platform to sell and search for school related items. (view Facebook)

Email is the main channel of communication for administrative related queries and communication with the school management or teachers.

Parent representatives
Each class elects two parent representatives at the beginning of the new school year. These parents are part of the parent council and act as a messenger/voice between the class teacher/the school and the parents. Important information will be passed on via email.

Each child receives a yearbook, at no cost, which features school life over the past school year. Previous yearbooks are available electronically.
DSK Yearbook 2016
DSK Yearbook 2015