Dress Code

Dress code
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Appendix to the Code of Conduct
School clothes should always be clean and without noticeable damage (e.g. holes, discolouration etc.). Only the following clothing items may be worn:

Pants / skirts
  • Navy blue or dark blue
  • No applications, embroideries, holes. Not acid-washed or bleached, not frayed.
  • No mini shorts or mini skirts (knee long). No leggings as substitute for pants.
  • Trousers or skirts must be worn in such a way that no part of underwear is visible, whether seated or standing.
  • DSK-Skorts (available in the school shop)
  • White polo shirt with school logo, no visible midriff and not thigh-length
  • Navy blue hoody zip jacket, fleece jacket, sweater and blazer with school logo
  • Blazer: the school logo has to be purchased from the school shop and ironed/stitched on. At school events, e.g. debating, the school blazer has to be worn with long pants or skirt.
Hat, scarves and beanies
  • In term 1 and 4, Gr. 1-6 learners have to wear DSK base caps during break time as sun protection.
  • In the winter months, plain navy blue or black beanies or scarves without school logo may be worn
  • No headwear to be worn in class
Rain and winter wear
  • Plain dark blue or black jackets without school logo may be worn on cooler days in addition to the DSK hoody, fleece jacket, sweater or blazer.
  • Plain white, black or dark blue socks
Shoes and sandals
  • Flat, plain (maximum two colours) white, black, dark blue or dark brown shoes, trainers or sandals
  • No beach sandals or flip-flops
Sports wear Only to be worn during sports lessons
  • Red or blue T-shirt with school logo, or for grades 5 – 12 white sports shirt with blue and red inserts from the school shop.
  • School sports shorts/lycra shorts.
  • White, blue or black socks, training shoes (not available in school shop).
  • Dark blue bathing suit and cap with school logo.
  • School board shorts may be worn additionally in non-competitive swimming.
  • Short-/long-sleeved lycra top with school logo.
  • School tracksuit
  • Grades 1-4:  sports clothing may be worn the whole day on days with sports lessons
  • No tracksuit tops/bottoms to be worn with school clothes
Jewellery and hair style
  • Only unobtrusive jewellery (a total of max. four items)
  • Discreet make-up, colourless nail polish
  • No visible piercings, nose rings or tattoos
  • No unnatural hair colour (e.g. green, purple, pink etc.)
  • T-shirts approved by the school uniform committee for members of the SRC, K.I.D.S., first aid team, dragon boat and mediation team and matriculants etc.
  • The appendix to the Code of Conduct applies: „Rules for religious and cultural tolerance a the DSK“. All such exemptions from the dress code are only allowed in plain navy blue, dark blue and white.
The school reserves the right to not allow learners to remain on the premises (pick up by parents) and
to only allow access with correct school clothing.


Version: 14.11.2016


Navy blue                  dark blue

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