General Sports Events

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1st term
Swimming Gala
The annual swimming gala for grades 2-12 tales place in February/March.
During the swimming gala for grades 2-7, the 12 best swimmers of each grade compete in freestyle, whereas the 6 best swimmers of each grade compete in the other disciplines - breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. In grades 8-12, the 6 best swimmers are entered for all four disciplines.
The learners qualify during swimming practice in the weeks leading up to the swimming gala.

The most successful swimmers will be selected for the DSK swim squad that then represent the DSK at various interschool galas taking place in the 1st and 4th terms. Galas are divided into grades 2-7 and 8-12. Every year, the DSK participates in several swimming galas in Cape Town and the surrounds.

Youth Triathlon
(German “Bundesjugendspiele”)
This competition is held during athletics classes and consists of the three following disciplines: long jump, sprinting and throwing.
In grades 8-12, learners do all the disciplines during sports lessons.
In grades 3-7, learners collect points on Sports Day and the throwing is done beforehand during regular sports lessons.

Sports Day
Which team will be the winner at the end of Sports Day? The red or the blue team?
During this sports and family event, learners from grades 3-7 earn points for their team when doing the three disciplines that are part of Youth Triathlon (running, jumping, throwing). Fun relays are organised for grades 1-2 (all participate) whereas the 50m sprint is voluntary. Starting from grade 3, the performance in running and jumping along with throwing (done beforehand) counts towards the Youth Triathlon.
The Sports Day ends with fun relays for grades 3-7 and the tug of war between the red and blue teams. For the tug of war, one girl and one boy from each of the grades 3-12 are selected beforehand. After the tug of war, the team with the most points and the best team spirit wins the trophy.

School Championships
The School Championships are part of the sports festival: the six most successful pupils of the “Bundesjugendspiele” (Grade 8-12) competed against each other in three disciplines (running, jumping and throwing)
The best learners who took part in this competition and who won the Victor (Victrix) Ludorum trophy (junior and senior) will be honoured in an assembly, along with the three most successful students of each age group.

Interschools Athletics Day of the primary schools

Take your chance and qualify for the DSK team!
In total 6 schools from Tamboerskloof/Gardens and surrounds, participated at the Interschools Athletics Day which is held at the Jan van Riebeek sports field every year.
During the sports lessons the most successful students are selected for the DSK team, who then represent our school at the Interschools Athletics Day.

2nd term
Games Days
On this day, the students swop their classrooms for the sports hall and all classes compete against each other in their age groups.
There are girls and boys teams playing various sports:

Grade     1-4: Völkerball
Grade     5-7: Handball/Football
Grade   8-12: Basketball/Volleyball

The most successful team and the team with the best team spirit will be honoured in an assembly before the winter holidays.

3rd term

Slim Cup
The Slim Cup is a girls indoor soccer tournament for Grade 8-12 students. 6-8 teams from neighbourhood schools will be invited and fight for the Slim Cup trophy which is a highlight at the end of the soccer season.

4th term
Speina Cup

The Speina Cup is an internal soccer tournament for the Grade 1-4 learners and takes place just before the December holidays.

The swimming galas will commence in the 4th term again.
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