Sports Olympiad 2018 in Windhoek

Sports Olympiad 2018 (16-20 September)

It was yet another amazing and unforgettable experience for all involved! Congratulations to all our athletes and coaches who trained intensely in preparation and gave their absolute best in competition. Many accomplished their personal bests and a number of records were broken. Of course, the Olympiad is not only about sporting achievements, it develops great sense of team spirit and the new friendships that are formed make this biyearly event truly unique.

Thanks to our media team and school mom, Sabine Heckscher, we were able to get a glimpse into the incredible team spirit and atmosphere in Windhoek during the past week. For more details, pics and videos, please visit the DSK Sports Olympiad Facebookpage:

This year, the five participating schools decided on a new prize-giving structure. Instead of announcing an overall winning school, the schools competed for team trophies in each category. We are extremely proud to announce that the DSK won two out of the three categories; athletics and ball games! We came second in swimming. The results were as follows:

Athletics: 1. DSK, 2. DHPS, 3. DSP
Ballgames: 1. DSK, 2. DSP, 3. DHPS

Swimming: 1. DHPS, 2. DSK, 3. DSP
The Victrix and Victor Ludorum trophy went to Windhoek and Pretoria. A big thank you to the DHPS for their great hospitality and of course to all the parents, friends and our sponsors, Swissline Design and Location Gallery, who supported our team immensely!