Word of the Week

Das Seifenkistenrennen
Even a Formula-1-Pro like Sebastian Vettel started off small. Who knows if he once hadn’t had such a self-made wooden cart (=“soap box cart”), too ;).
Not only the youngsters enjoy this during break time. For the English “Jungle Gym” sounds more adventurous.

Das Ameisenfüßchen
Only if you are a very attentive you will observe this tiny little body part of an ant.

Der Doppeldeckerbus

A bus with a view – look out for the red ones touring through Cape Town.

Das Honigkuchenpferd
On the Christmas market you can see those rocking-horse-shaped gingerbread cookies. Maybe you grin like a Cheshire cat (=Honigkuchenpferd) when you have one of those.

Der Schmetterlingsflügel
Sometimes it just takes one beat of a “wing of a butterfly” to feel that summer has arrived.

Der Wintergarten
A sun room where to spend the colder days and enjoy the winter sun.

Die Engelsgeduld
Patience of a saint. Sometimes some spiritual succour is needed to persevere.

Das Freundschaftsband
A bracelet that builds friendship beyond all frontiers, knotted by friends.

Der Frühlingsbote
Alle warten auf ihn. Wenn er sich ankündigt, blühen alle auf.


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