Storytelling up close and personal

In May, Julie Charalambides, a lecturer at Boston University in London, came to the DSK to speak to class 10b. Julie has taught courses in creative writing, women studies, English literature and film studies. She spoke about Angela Carter and her very alternative way to tell fairy tales in her book The Bloody Chamber. She spoke not only knowledgably, but passionately about the topic and captivated the attention of the whole class by involving us in a discussion about the fairy tales we had been told as children. She read us a story called “The Snow Child” which is a short story from Angela Carter’s collection The Bloody Chamber. She then had us write our own interpretation of a fairy tale in the form of a short story, asking us to use the methods that Angela Carter used to tell the fairy tale in a different light.

The lesson was a success and we all enjoyed ourselves while learning about Angela Carter and how she wrote. We hope to be seeing Julie Charalambides again soon, but for now, wish her very safe travels back to London.

Sara Falcon, Grade 10 b