Choice Subjects

The pupils of Grade 5 are allowed to choose whether to take French, Xhosa or Afrikaans from grade 6. Tuition comprises 4 lessons per week in grade 6 in mixed groups and not in their register classes.
Should you consider relocating to Germany and would like your child to go to a “Gymnasium” there, a second Foreign Language is obligatory (e.g. French). In the “Haupt- and Realschule” no second foreign language is required.
For our German stream a second Foreign Language is compulsory. This may be either Afrikaans or French; Xhosa is only possible in the English Stream.

In Grade 8 another subject choice will be introduced, so that your child can then choose another of these three languages.
Should your child choose Afrikaans or Xhosa now, she/he can also choose another subject (e.g. Economic and Management Sciences (EMS), Drama, Design & Technology) from grade 8 instead of another language.
Should your child choose French now, Xhosa or Afrikaans has to be chosen from grade 8, as for the English stream at least one official South African language in addition to English is required.

For the German Stream your child must have had Afrikaans or Xhosa at least for 2 years (grade 8/9).



Choice Subjects for Grade 6 and 8

Choice Subjects from Grade 8

EMS (Economic and Management Sciences)
Design & Technology

Choice Subjects from Grade 9

Choice between German and English Stream (Grade 9)
General Information
Info German Stream
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Information on the subjects from Grade 10 in the German Stream (information in German only)
Form for subject choice in the German Stream
Information on the subjects from Grade 10 in the English Stream
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Form for subject choice in the English Stream
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