Parent council directory

Chair of parent council
Harro von Blottnitz

Deputy Chair
Rene Grubert

Connie Neubold

Deputy Secretary
Heike Gerntholtz

About parent council

The parent council consists of elected parent representatives who represent their respective classes for two consecutive years. The parent council functions as the voice of the parents and by extension, the learners too. They address the teaching body and school management board with regards to the interests of parents and learners, as well as supporting school activities.

The parent council meets approximately eight times per year on a Tuesday evening to discuss relevant issues, activities of the various portfolio committees and tasks, which have been undertaken by representatives. For example: sports, bazaar, safety & traffic, aftercare, social responsibility, art & culture.

Matters for discussion are submitted prior to the meeting via email to the Chairperson and subsequently addressed. The monthly minutes are circulated via email for action and follow-up.

Through the parent council, parents can get involved in various school functions and activities. Being part of the parent council, means the opportunity to access information, make contact with like-minded parents – especially for ‘new parents’ and to put ideas into action in collaboration with the teaching and management bodies. The Bazaar, for example, is our biggest annual event and fundraiser and its success relies heavily on the support of the whole school community.

Parent Fundraising Committee (PFC):

Monies earned by parents are recorded in a separate sub-account of school accounting. These include profits from the annual school Basar, MySchoolCard sales, WCSS schoolbooks and sporting events. The committee consists of  members from  various school bodies. The parent council determines main projects which are mostly financed by using these funds. These main projects must be approved by the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. Other minor projects or expenses are also initiated and funded by the Parents Council. Projects supported by the PFC should benefit a large number of learners. The committee also supports individual students with class camps and other school events, if families are in need of financial help. Applications for financial assistance or projects received by other members of the school community or by teachers shall be agreed on in the parent fundraising committee or, if necessary, voted for in the parents’ council. The application form can be obtained from the school secretary’s office.

Parent fundraising committee constitution and guidelines