SRC 2018 – 2019

Front row: Lara Novak (Deputy Head Girl), Robin Zimmer (Head Boy), Tracy Dusabimana (Head Girl), Josua Wenzel (Deputy Head Boy)
2nd row: Anna Backeberg, Nina Howell, Alexander Ringer, Ben Bräuer
3rd row: Anthony Rivett, Matthew Goliath, Ilia Woermann

The Student Representative Council (SRC) learners contribute to the shaping of the school and its affairs. Representatives (mostly the head boy/girl) are voted in by their peers.

SRC tasks and duties
As the voice of the learners, the SRC has the responsibility to ensure:

  • the concrete representation of the interests of the school body
  • the active participation and improvement of the students’ environment
  • the organisation of events at school
  • the support of students during conflicts at school (problems with teachers, disciplinary measures, suspensions from school etc.)