We offer tuition in German from Grade 1 – 12. There is an English stream which starts in Grade 5 and continues to Grade 12. Grade 5 is the only time English speaking children, with no prior knowledge of the German language, can join the school.

Since 2007 we offer two different school leaving qualification streams from Grade 10.

In the English stream learners will graduate from Grade 12 with a NSC (National Senior Certificate) and the DSD II (the German Language Diploma II). The NSC is examined by the Independent Examination Board (IEB) and is acknowledged nationally as well as internationally. Teaching and tests will be largely done in English.

In the German stream learners graduate with the German International Abitur as well as the IEB NSC, which entitles them to study in Germany, South Africa and in more than 100 other countries worldwide. Teaching and tests take place according to the bilingual character, in German and English.