The DSK strategic plan 2015-2025 is the result of discussions, planning, consideration and debate by all of the school stakeholders; the board, the school management, the teachers, the parents’ association, the administration department and the learners.

The strategy is centred around the four pillars of our mission statement and under each pillar, core deliverables have been identified.

The plan with its goals and objectives will be evaluated each year and targets for the coming year will be agreed.

Download Strategy 2025 here

Together we work towards fulfilling our four guiding missions by implementing the agreed deliverables for each of these as outlined below:

Strategy 2025


Deliverables 2025

Unlocking talent
DSK students distinguish themselves by having the know-how and confidence to pursue their future careers; being committed to reaching their full potential; and involving themselves in music, sports and the arts in order to provide a balance to their academic work, and create a fun and healthy learning framework. The DSK distinguishes itself by continuously supporting each student to perform to their full potential; being committed to excellence and always at the forefront of educational best practice; and being a preferred employer for excellent teachers.
German philosophy of education

German Philosophy of Education
Our philosophy is embedded in a robust value system. Our learners are equipped with a skill set which includes collaboration, adaptability, initiative, social and environmental consciousness, critical thinking, problem solving, autonomous learning and career vision.

German language
DSK students distinguish themselves by achieving a fluent command of German. They enjoy the German language and realise the multitude of opportunities, and competitive edge it offers them for their future.
The DSK distinguishes itself as a well-known and welcoming centre of German language and culture in Cape Town for both its students and the wider community.

Note: All languages are important at the school and to highlight one is simply a reflection of German being ‘first amongst equals’. The school prides itself in achieving good results in all languages and is eager to build on this success in all language departments.

Building bridges
DSK students distinguish themselves through their team spirit and pride; they have a 360° cultural exposure to both Germany and South Africa; they understand and respect their own and other people’s culture as second nature – they are socially aware, responsible and participative.

The DSK has a shared sense of identity and welcomes all members of its community to participate in the school. We distinguish ourselves by attending to our network of local and global partners and working closely with German Schools in Southern Africa as well as neighbouring schools. We are recognised for diversity and credited for our inclusion practises.