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COVID-19 Info & Learning Under Level 1

Keep an eye on this page for COVID related Term 4 2021 information.  Internal grade or class communication will be sent out by school management or the class teachers via Skooler

Please use these pages as your primary source of information about COVID related issues. You will find many information, helpful tips and guidelines for parents as well as learners. Furthermore, we’ve posted some of the great stories of how the DSK school community has made the best of the situation in 2020. By now, all learners should be familiar with the necessary health and safety procedures on the school bus, at school, in the classroom and during break times. The past months have brought our learners as well as our staff closer to the core of our teaching and learning philosophy: We empower our learners according to the German philosophy of education which emphasizes independent and critical thinking, problem-solving and autonomous learning. We encourage our learners to take initiative, to collaborate and adapt confidently to changing circumstances.

General Guidelines and FAQs

    • The DSK transitioned to distance learning from 17 March 2020 and the school campus was closed until 1 June. We actively monitored the situation and gradually re-opened our school based on the guidance from the public health officials and the local as well as national Education Department. Our maintenance staff deep-cleaned and disinfected the entire campus before, during and since the re-opening phase. When back in the classroom, we uphold our current COVID-19 health and safety measures:
      • Daily temperature screening and check-in of learners before the start of school
      • Compulsory wearing of face masks at all times (including on the school busses to and from school)
      • Social distancing of no less than 1m in classrooms, in communal areas, during break times and while travelling on the school bus
      • Frequent washing and sanitizing of hands
  • No, not at all! We will continue to process applications and enquiries and assist you wherever we can. For admissions related queries, please contact Marina Janson on

The Schulshop is open from Mondays to Thursdays from 7:30h to 13:00h.  You can also purchase school uniform items online. To place an order, please visit the website If you have any questions, please contact Medeze Schulz on .

The library is open for learners and staff in level 1 an 2.

In level 3 and up, the library offer a contactless loan service. While our learners do not have access to the library building, they can browse the library database via Active Connect on and order via

In level 1, we will continue to limit access to the DSK to staff members and deliveries only where possible. Parents/ Visitors that have scheduled appointments with teachers/ staff members will be screened in at the bottom gate by our security staff and will be welcomed by the respective staff member at reception. No casual visits to the school will be allowed. The admin team will be at school during normal office hours and can be contacted via email or telephonically.

COVID-19 ContactDetails

Attendance, schedule & workload

  • Under the current level 1, all learners attend face-to-face teaching at school.
  • All learners will receive more information from school management and their class teachers. The test plans are uploaded in the DSK Parent Portal Skooler under Middle and High School. Parents in the Primary School will be informed by the class teacher of possible tests.
  • When working at home, learners will be working independently, completing all the work assigned by the teacher. Learners are expected to hand in assignments online and on time. Despite all the pressure of homeschooling and e-learning, it is important for learners/ parents to manage screen time. Learners should take regular stretch breaks and get some fresh air. It’s important for the body and mind. Sing, dance, be creative and catch up on reading from real books. Last but not least, we would like to ask all learners to enter into a constructive dialogue with their subject teachers if the tasks assigned to them are too demanding or not demanding enough.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Star Centre at Our counsellors Jamie Brassell, Shannon Piennaar, Mariam El-Kaakour, Albertus Keet and Heidi Ortmann are available to you! Please visit our Star Centre webpage for more information about our team.

Other available hotlines

  • South African Depression and Anxiety Group – SADAG (0800) 12 13 14
  • Adcoc Ingram Depression and Anxiety Helpline (0800) 70 80 90
  • Lifeline South Africa (0861) 322 322

Health and Safety/Hygiene measures at the DSK

The DSK has always put the wellbeing and safety of its learners, teachers and staff members first. With this in mind, the DSK will uphold certain hygiene/health & safety/screening measures in the months going forward.

  • Daily screening of staff members and learners: The school conducts body temperature screenings, mask checks and hand disinfection of all staff members, learners and visitors of the DSK upon entry – dedicated staff members will be doing the screening daily.
  • Access to the school building: Access to and traffic within the school grounds is restricted to reduce the movement of people.
  • Parents/ legal guardians are obliged to examine their children daily for symptoms of illness (e.g. fever, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhoea, impaired sense of smell and taste, body aches, weakness, etc.) before sending them to school. If even one of these symptoms applies, the learner must not be sent to school or enter the school premises and must of course also not use the school bus.
  • The parents/ legal guardians agree that we screen the learners for symptoms of illness (e.g. infrared temperature measurement) before entering the school building and throughout the school day. If there is a symptom, e.g. if the measured body temperature is above 37.5°C, these learners are isolated and must be picked up by the parents immediately.
  • If you suspect that your child, yourself or someone you have been in contact with within the past 14 days may have developed COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19, you are to inform the school immediately. Your child will not be able to participate in face-to-face classes until there is no longer any risk of infection for classmates and DSK staff members. The information transmitted to us in this context is, of course, treated confidentially and processed only in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations or statutory reporting requirements.
  • If learners show symptoms of COVID-19 during school attendance, we are obliged to isolate them and request an immediate pick-up by the parents or an ambulance.
  • Should learners violate the regulations in connection with the COVID-19 protection and hygiene measures, they will be excluded from further participation in classroom teaching/ learning and must be picked up by the parents immediately.
  • Entering and staying on the school premises as well as using the school bus is only permitted with mouth and nose protection (face mask). Should a replacement become necessary during the day, we will provide (as an emergency backup) mouth and nose protection (face mask).
  • Each student must also bring a small amount of hand sanitiser (at least 70% alcohol) to the classroom as an emergency backup.
  • A high level of safety and hygiene can however only be maintained if each and every member of our school community does their personal bit to uphold a high level of personal hygiene and social distancing.
  • Parents/ legal guardians are obliged to examine their children daily for symptoms of illness (e.g. fever, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhoea, impaired sense of smell and taste, body aches, weakness, etc.) before sending them to school. If even one of these symptoms applies, the learner must not be sent to school or enter the school premises and must of course also not use the school bus.
  • All learners will attend classes in their designated classrooms and/ or subject-specific rooms.
  • Classrooms will be prepared to allow for enough space between the learners.
  • All classrooms in use will be supplied with hand sanitiser and a sanitiser spray for desks, special electronic/ IT equipment (keyboards etc)
  • A high level of safety and hygiene can however only be maintained when each and every member of our school community does their personal bit to uphold a high level of personal hygiene and social distancing. We, therefore, ask you to:
    • Wear a mask at all times.
    • Wash hands regularly and with soap and use hand sanitiser afterwards
    • Stay home if you feel unwell and self-isolate/ get tested
    • Inform us if your child is sick and cannot attend school (+27 (0)21 480 3830 / )
    • Should your child fall ill at school, please collect him/ her IMMEDIATELY. Prolonged exposure to other peers or members of the school community will increase the risk of infection
    • Only a few classrooms will be used. Learners/ classes will be assigned fixed classrooms as well as break rooms.
    • Classrooms will be prepared to allow for enough space between the learners. i.e desks will be allocated to specific learners by means of a nametag sticker
    • All classrooms in use will be supplied with medical gloves, hand sanitiser and a sanitiser spray for special electronic/ IT equipment (keyboards etc)
  • Keep in mind that most other virus infections start with exactly the same symptoms as COVID-19. As we are entering winter, normal flue infections will increase as well and just because you are feeling unwell, does not mean that you have contracted the Corona Virus. So your first step should be to stay home, stay calm and self-isolate. Here is a link to the official website of the Western Cape government with useful information on hotlines, news and statistics:
  • What signs/symptoms to look out for?
  1. Do you have a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius or higher?
  2. Do you suffer from a dry cough or a sore throat?
  3. Are you short of breath, wheezing or do you have difficulty breathing?

What questions to ask yourself?

  1. Were you in close contact with a person that was confirmed with COVID-19 or could possibly have been infected?
  2. The current travel ban should prevent everyone from travelling, but you should still ask yourself whether there is a possibility of you having been in contact with someone who might have been travelling (repatriated etc.)?
  3. Have you been to healthcare facilities or in contact with healthcare workers where COVID-19 patients were being treated?

Who to call?

If you show any of the above symptoms, please call your GP/ doctor or health facility to notify them about your symptoms as well as possible exposure before you go to your appointment. DO NOT JUST ARRIVE.

 Official hotlines for any COVID-19 related questions.
All lines are operational 24/7
Provincial Hotline: 021 928 4102
National Hotline: 0800 029999

Do I have to tell the school when I get sick?

  1. Phoning in an absent learner due to any form of illness is obligatory. Please contact reception on +27 (0)21 480 3830 first thing in the morning so that your child can be properly excused and marked as absent.
  2. Should you, your child who is a learner at our school or their siblings test positive for COVID-19, please contact the school IMMEDIATELY. All names and information will be treated strictly confidentially but school management has to know of possible infections within the school community to take the necessary safety precautions. All COVID-19 related sick notifications should, therefore, be directed to the school secretary on

General Health/ COVID-19 information
As we are aware of the overflow of circulating information regarding COVID-19 on all social media platforms, we would like to urge you to be wary of fake news and sensationalism. Only trust reliable sources like the official local news or SA government gazettes. We are just as at the mercy of these information channels as you are and cannot give any professional medical advice. The above should therefore only be seen as guidelines. School management will keep you informed of any news or regulations directly affecting the running of and teaching at the DSK. Please do not react to hearsay or privately generated messages


As per normal school practice, we will communicate via the following channels:

  • Skooler (information tool from School management and class teachers)
    • While parent WhatsApp groups are a great way to stay in touch with the whole class, we remind you to please use this platform mindfully. The spread of fake news and unverified or even irrelevant information does more harm than good. If you have any questions or concerns, please use the regular and official channels of communication ways by contacting your class teacher first. If you want to raise a question or concern to the parent council, you can contact send an email to For technical issues, please email to For finance or admin related queries, please contact the relevant persons as listed on the contacts list. 

Financial questions

We do understand that some of our parents may be severely impacted financially by the COVID-19 crisis. We want to use the cost savings and funds available to assist parents in financial difficulties on an individual needs basis. Parents who remain able to pay school fees for their children should to continue to do so. This enables us to carry on providing the services that will allow all learners to conclude the 2021 academic year. We encourage parents in financial need to contact Helga Ewers at so that confidential financial arrangements can be made where necessary. Your continued contributions are signs of solidarity with the school community and its more vulnerable members, and we thank you for your ongoing support. Your contributions are crucial to help us all get through this crisis together and ensure the long-term sustainability of the school. The DSK has been standing strong since 1883. Thanks to stringent financial management and the ongoing support, financially and in spirit, of the greater school community we are probably in a better position to navigate this crisis than other private schools in South Africa and abroad. Rest assured that we together with school management will do the utmost to manage the situation to the greater benefit of our larger school community. We thank you for your loyal support!

    • We would like to offer DSK parents who are financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic the same assistance with regards to school fees as in the previous years. Please find the relevant form. Once completed, please email to Helga Ewers,

Aftercare (NAB), Sports and extramurals (AGs)

Since our learners are back at school, the aftercare offers lunch, homework tuition, educational leisure programme, free play and bus service as usual. However, things will remain COVID-19 compliant. Please note: The safety of the school community and the prevention of contagion are most important, which means we continue to pay attention to hygiene and safety measures. Children and supervisors will wear protective face masks at all times, hands will be washed and disinfected regularly, classrooms will be ventilated and safety distances are maintained not only inside but also while playing outdoors. Objects and surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
Parents are unfortunately still not allowed to enter the school premises. You can pick up your child/ren at the main entrance. Please call us on the NAB cell phone (+27 (0)76 975 4069) or the NAB landline (+27 (0)21 480 3844) when at the main entrance. We will sign your child/ren out on the aftercare list and send her/ him down to the gate.
Lunch is served daily in the cafeteria at 12:30h. On Fridays, Grade 1 learners will have their lunch at 11:45h. The seating space in the cafeteria is marked making it easy to keep a safe distance while eating.

  • Sports lessons are done following current COVID specifications. 

In Term 4, the following extramurals are offered:

Extramural contact list coaches and teachers

Extramural List Primary School

For any extramural related questions, please contact our Head of AGs/Extramurals, Yusri Williams,

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