German International School Cape Town


Arts and Culture are integral parts of our DSK community. Learners are encouraged to participate in a diverse range of extramural activities. To promote and support these activities, various annual events happen at our school. They aim to provide platforms for learners to get involved, to excel in their art/cultural activity and to inspire others. We encourage and promote bringing awareness to German and South African cultures of our great diversity, and hereby promote school spirit through community building.

Cultural events at the DSK are adaptive to the current needs of the school community and currently include: DSK Bazaar, which also boasts a DSK Talent Show, Carnival, Valentine’s Day, The Battle of the Bands at De Waal Park, Chamber Music Evening, a school musical, Mandela Day Assembly, DSK Creative Indaba, Poetry Slam, class concerts and more.

Arts and Culture at the DSK are represented on the school board as well as in the Parent Council’s Arts & Culture Portfolio.

Creative Indaba
Love Week Valentines day
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