International handball games at the DSK

On 1 December some friendly handball ball games took place in the beautiful new sports hall.
Among the participating teams were, of course, our team from the DSK, the Cape Stars from Delft, a mixed team from Zimbabwe (with several national players) and as a guest of honour the national team from Mozambique.
It was really a great honour and a unique experience for us (Liam Schneider, Max Balmer, Oscar Swaner, Marc Ostheimer, Jan, Keke Duwe, Phillip Sihwanya and Derren Dohlen) to play against such a strong and experienced team.
As suspected, we had no real chance against Mozambique. The final score of 12:47 sounds like a painful defeat, but we’re proud of the second half, where we were able to find more into our game.
It was great to watch and to learn from how this unbelievably strong team interacted and worked together. We won against Delft and Zimbabwe.
Thanks to the organisational work of our coach, Phillip Sihwanya, we were able to make this a sensational experience and we hope that it will allow us to organize similar events in the future.
Derren Dohlen, co-coach