We have two school counsellors at the DSK. Jamie Brassell offers counselling for Grade 1-6 and Marinke Soeters offers counselling for Grade 7-12. Counselling sessions take place during school hours with prior arrangement by the class teacher so as not to disturb important lessons. Learners can make appointments themselves, via their parents or via their class teacher who will then make the appointment at a suitable time. The sessions aim to provide the learners with emotional support and coping skills in a variety of situations, eg. stressful situations, conflict resolution, study skills and planning strategies. All sessions are treated with complete confidentiality.

Contact details Jamie Brassell:
jamiebrassell@dsk.co.za or call: +27 (0) 21 480 3853.

Contact details Sharon Pienaar:
sharonpienaar@dsk.co.za or call:+27 (0) 21 480 3836.