At the DSK, we believe being “responsible” means doing what is right. It is, therefore, our responsibility to provide our learners with the necessary tools needed to learn how to become good citizens of the world. It means incorporating social and environmental issues and practices into our curriculum as well as into our extramural activities.

Our learners not only learn that they are part of a school community, but also part of a bigger world.
The culture of contributing – time, support and resources – is an important part of our school ethos.

Social responsibility goals and objectives for the DSK

  1. To provide opportunities for learners, parents and teachers to develop a natural and instinctive spirit of service and to contribute to their immediate surroundings and the world.
  2. To instil in learners, parents and teachers an awareness of what social and environmental responsibility means, and what it requires and teaches, e.g. respect for others and for the environment, humility, willingness to learn and grow, appreciation for diversity and for nature.
  3. To create opportunities for the school community to become active socially and environmentally, and to use their opportunities responsibly and wisely.
  4. To create opportunities for learners to deeply interact and connect with other young people from other communities or circumstances, allowing them to develop meaningful relationships and partnerships with individuals and organisations, thereby boosting their personal growth.
  5. To support the school spirit by aligning the school community with well-defined social and ecological causes over a sustained period of time.
  6. To support a positive DSK image by creating a clear and succinct message through our association with positive goals and objectives.
  7. To ensure that DSK funds, resources and energy are used wisely and to the mutual benefit of both the DSK and our project partners.
  8. To develop a culture of social and environmental responsibility where involvement is seen to be fun, cool, the right thing to do and inappropriate to ignore.

Overview of our SER activities at the DSK

Activity / club Gr 2-4 Gr 5-7 Gr 8 & 9 Gr 10 Gr 11 Gr 12
Kinder mit Herz
Recycling Team
Eco Rangers
President’s Award
(14 years and older)
Peer Tutoring
Life orientation Community service
KIDS Rotary club
DSK Conversations
SER Footprints