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At DSK, we aim to provide an environment that develops a life-long love for sporting endeavour, no matter the level of skill, competency or choice of activity for every learner.

Through excellence in sporting practice, teaching correct skills and encouraging healthy competition, the sports field becomes a place of fun, achievement and preparation for all areas of life.

A passion for a sport of their choice encourages physical development, builds confidence and facilitates healthy individual and social engagement.


An established “passion to participate” among DSK students with as many children actively involved in sport as possible.


  • Fairness
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Perseverance


Through providing a pathway of excellence in sport, we use a long term athletic development approach. We strive to employ specialist coaches passionate about teaching children skills and values required for success and enjoyment in sport for life.

Our approach aims for every child to enjoy participation and to:

  • Master the FUNdamentals: Become physically literate in a variety of well-structured activities that support general skills (Primary School: 6-10yrs)
  • Learn to Train: Become athletically literate with an increased focus on special sports skills suitable to a number of sport disciplines. (Middle School, 11-15yrs)
  • Train to Train: Learn the proper technical and life skills needed to enjoy and progress in sport, be it for fun or achievement (High School: 16-18yrs)
  • Be exposed to the variety of sporting disciplines offered at DSK for both early or late specialisation

Physical education curriculum

The learners have two lessons of sport per week with different emphases, depending on the quarter: 1st quarter – swimming and athletics; 2nd quarter – ball games; 3rd quarter – gymnastics; 4th quarter – varies (depending on the weather).

When they start school, each student is assigned a team color: red or blue. The red and blue teams compete against each other in class and at various sporting events. The team t-shirt is part of the sports school uniform. The learner remain in the team assigned to them until they graduate from school.

The DSK sports facilities

1 large sports hall
1 small sports hall
1 sports field
1 swimming pool – 25m
1 multifunctional space


The focus in sport at the DSK is on the disciplines of athletics, swimming, tennis, football, basketball, handball and volleyball. These priorities also correspond to the requirements of the School Olympiad of German Schools in Southern Africa, which takes place every two years. The DSK has been the proud defending champion since 2014. Depending on demand and assuming that the necessary resources are available, the DSK can expand the range to include other sports. In addition, there is the possibility of partnerships with neighboring schools for sports that are currently not offered at the DSK.

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