In Grade 5, learners choose which language to take from Grade 6 onwards, they have the following to choose from; French, Xhosa or Afrikaans. Tuition for these language subjects comprises of 4 lessons per week in Grade 6 in mixed class groups.

Should your family consider relocating to Germany and would like your child to go to a “Gymnasium” there, a second foreign language is obligatory (eg. French). In the “Haupt- and Realschule” no second foreign language is required. A second foreign language is compulsory for our German stream, this may be either Afrikaans or French. Xhosa is only an option for learners of the English stream.

In Grade 8, for the English stream, another subject choice will be introduced, so learners can then choose another language (French, Xhosa or Afrikaans) or they can choose another subject; Economic and Management Sciences (EMS), Drama and/or Design & Technology). Should the learner choose Afrikaans or Xhosa at this stage, another subject can be chosen with it, but, if he/she chooses French at this stage, they will have to choose between either Xhosa or Afrikaans instead of any other subjects, this is because the English stream at least one official South African language in addition to English is required.

In the German stream, learners must have Afrikaans or Xhosa for at least 2 years (Grade 8+9).

Subject overviews

Subject choice overview

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