German International School Cape Town

Primary School

Our Primary School 's Ethos

At our school, learners learn with their heads, their hearts and their hands, at a place which is fun. It is characterised by mutual respect with which everyone can identify and where everyone feels good and secure. Our teaching methods include cooperative learning, open forms of instruction, activities and discovery-oriented learning. Elementary knowledge is learnt in a playful manner with the aim of encouraging independent learning.

Please note: medium of instruction from Grade 1 to 4 is German. English is taught intensively as a subject from Grade 2 onwards.

Primary school information

The primary school has grown to about 250 learners at present, 25 of which are at our satellite Primary school in Tygerberg. Owing to the pre-primary schools of the Evangelical-Lutheran congregations and their traditional connection and close proximity, of the Cape in Gardens, Wynberg and Bellville, they may be regarded as the pre-schools of the DSK. They are however organisationally independent. Our long-term goals are to prepare learners for dual language use and to obtain either; the NSC (IEB) (Matric) and the DSD II (German language diploma) qualification or the Abitur (NSC and German international abitur simultaneously) qualification. We aim to lay a basis for this through:

  • child-friendly teaching in German
  • English from Grade 2
  • individual support and assistance of all learners
  • a child-friendly playground with many play and tumbling areas to encourage movement
  • many extracurricular and extramural activities on offer eg. choir, orchestra, swimming
  • homework supervision

Parental duties

Parents still have the duty to discipline and impress on their children the adherence of the school rules as well as those of the aftercare and to abide by these.


Please contact , tel  +27 (0) 21 480 3861  or the Primary School principal, Marlen Merkel on tel  +27 (0) 21 480 3835 .

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