German International School Cape Town


Joining the DSK as a German-speaking learner

If you wish to enrol your child in Grade 1, your child needs to be able to understand and speak German. The medium of instruction in Primary School (Grades 1 – 4) is German; English is taught intensively as a subject from Grade 2 onwards. We currently have four classes in each grade in the Primary School, of which one class of each grade is taught at our satellite campus in Tygerberg.

Generally, if your child is fluent in German, he/she can join the DSK at any time. The academic performance will be considered, and acceptance will be subject to space availability. If you would like to enrol your child at the DSK, please email our admissions office:

Joining the DSK as an English-speaking learner

English speaking children with no prior knowledge of the German language can only join the DSK in Grade 5  . Interested Grade 4 learners need to register for an entrance assessment, which determines English and Mathematical competency.
In the English test, listening and reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary and grammar are tested. There are no multiple-choice questions. The Mathematics test consists of basic numeracy, number patterns, measurement, fractions, word sums and logical thinking. It also includes a fundamental interpretation of graphs and tables.

Entrance assessment: 11 May 2024
Registration deadline: 06 May 2024

If you would like to register for the entrance assessment, please email

For further information please contact the Head of the English stream Susanne Lingeveldt

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