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Our aftercare is aimed at learners in our primary school as well as in Grade 5 – 6.

Opening hours/ supervision time

Monday – Thursday: 12:30h – 17:00h
Fridays: 11:05h – 17:00h



  • Supervised lunch in Linga Longa (cost per lunch R 28.00)
  • Homework supervision (from 13:05h – 15:30h)
  • Fruit snack at 15:00h
  • Social and creative learning during inside and outside free play
  • NAB leisure facilities eg. arts and craft, baking, music, yoga, reading in the library, soccer cage etc.
  • Bus service
  • Activities with parents: eg. picnic, biscuit/cookie baking, Christmas
  • Holiday programme in the holidays, please email holidays@dsk.co.za for more information



  • 7 homework groups (5 in the C-Block, 2 in the N-Block near sports field),
  • 1 playroom in room C3
  • Outside play area, which is the playground near the sports field and primary school grounds, reaching to the big jungle gym



5 educational specialists, 3 interns from Germany, 1 primary school teacher and 1 intern teacher.



Participation in the afternoon care is generally voluntary, but only possible when registration is confirmed and general rules are accepted. The measure catalogue applies.

We have different rules that apply to different grades:

For security and supervision reasons, aftercare pupils have to be fetched by caregivers personally and signed out.


Number of participants 

We are currently at full capacity with 185 children. There is no legal claim for aftercare. It is advised that you sign your child up for aftercare in advance.


Application procedure

Please download the application form, fill it in and send via email to sabineweihe@dsk.co.za or hand the form in at the reception. Should you be accepted you will receive written confirmation. 



Look at the application form to see fees. Fees will be charged per term with the school fee account. Fees may be subject to increases.
For more info contact Sabine Weihe on 021 480 3844 / 076 975 4069.