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Please note:
The classes from beginning of the year are full and a new beginners course will probably start mid July 2021.
NEWS and enrolment forms will be published on this webpage by latest 15th June 2021

Beginners’ course (Level A1.1) information

From Monday 01.02.2021 a new beginner’s course will start at school with Hanna Vonier (room 1.72)

Course fee:

  1. Course fee 7+ participants: R1750 per half year
  2. Minimum are 5 participants: increased fee R2000 per half year
  3. Less than 5 participants the course will not take place

Enrolment form for the courses: 


Existing/advanced courses information

Course fee:

  1. The course fee presently amounts to R1750 (without books) per half year for a minimum of 7 participants per class.
  2. The course fee presently amounts to R2000 (without books) per half year for 5 or 6 participants per class.
  3. The course fee presently amounts to R2350 (without books) per half year for 3 or 4 participants per class.
  4. Book set price: For A2: R750, B1.1: R420, B2.2 R420)

Enrolment form for the continued courses:



  • Continued class – Level A2 (~Kapitel 6):
    time: 17:30h – 19:00h
    lesson with Bernd Schulzer:  bernd@capelanguages.com
    Start: 01.02.2021, room: 1.71
  • Continued class – Level B1 (~ Kapitel 13) books: R420
    time: 19:00h – 20:30h
    lesson with Bernd Schulzer: bernd@capelanguages.com
    Start: 01.02.2021, room: 1.71


  • New course – Level A2 – books R750
    Time: 18:30h – 20:00h
    Lessons with Verena Walmroth (deutschkurs@dsk.co.za)
    Start date: 02.02.2021, room 1.71

Please note: that during school holidays and public holidays no classes will take place. Please see the school calendar for this information. Thank you for your understanding.

The classes (2 teaching units of 45 minutes each) will be held once a week.

Your class teacher will inform you about your final class size.

More about the course:
We are using a modern learning language course called “MENSCHEN”. Your study materials will consist of two books, a DVD and two CDs.

Once you have paid your relevant fee (you will be informed on the class size) + book fee into the school’s bank account, kindly bring your proof of payment to your first class and your course materials will be handed to you.

Please state “DfE” and “your name” clearly when doing the electronic transfer and please ensure that your course teacher receives the proof of payment.

Our banking details:

Deutscher Schulverein Kapstadt
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Cape Town Account No.: 1009007890
Bank Code: 100909