The DSK has a cafeteria and tuckshop. Our eLunch system allows money to be loaded onto learners’ ID cards in order to purchase food/refreshments, cash is also accepted.

Linga Longa Cafeteria

Opening times are from Monday to Thursday between 07:00h – 16:15h & Friday 07:00h – 13:15h

The Salad Bar
Open Monday to Thursday from 08:00h – 14:30h
Side Plate Salad: R 20.00
Side Salad as a take-away: R 25.00 (500 ml)
Main Plate Salad: R 36.00

Hot Lunch is served Monday to Thursday at the following times:
Grade 1-4 between 12:25h – 13:05h (NAB / Aftercare)
Grade 5-12 between 13:10h – 13:45h

Menu Vegetarian Menu Tuckshop

Hot Lunch prices 2021
Lunch (NAB / Aftercare): R 32.00
Lunch (e-Lunch): R 48.00

Take-away container(s): R 7.00 surcharge (price includes compostable cutlery)

Snack Counter in Linga Longa
A variety of drinks, snacks and takeaway meals are available for purchase (subject to availability). 


Opening times
Monday – Thursday: 08:20h-13:45h & 14:25h-15:00h
Friday: 8:20h-13:15h

A variety of drinks, snacks and takeaway meals are available (subject to availability). Grade 1 pupils may not use the tuckshop. The tuckshop menu can be found on the Communicator under Resources. 


Load money onto your eLunch card

Our cafeteria and tuckshop use a cash-free prepaid payment system called eLunch. Parents can load money into their child’s card, monitor purchases and limit items which can be bought. Meals are puchased with eLunch at a discounted price.

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