The DSK has a cafeteria and tuckshop. Our eLunch system allows money to be loaded onto learners’ ID cards in order to purchase food/refreshments.Going forward, the Cafeteria and Tuckshop will remain cashless.

Linga Longa Cafeteria

Opening times:

  • Monday – Thursday: 07:00h – 16:15h &
  • Friday: 07:00h – 13:15h

The Salad BarOpen Monday to Thursday from 08:00h – 14:30hSide Plate Salad: R 20.00Side Salad as a take-away: R 25.00 (500 ml)Main Plate Salad: R 36.00Hot Lunch is served Monday to Thursday at the following times:Grade 1-4 between 12:25h – 13:05h (NAB / Aftercare)Grade 5-12 between 13:10h – 13:45h

Menu Vegetarian Menu Tuckshop

Hot Lunch prices 2021 (including salad bar and dessert)Lunch (NAB / Aftercare): R 32.00Lunch (e-Lunch): R 48.00Eco take-away container(s): R 7.00 surcharge (price includes compostable cutlery)**To facilitate Social Distancing, Eco TA-away containers and cutlery will not be charged for until further notice.Snack Counter in Linga LongaA variety of drinks, snacks and takeaway meals are available for purchase (subject to availability). 


Opening times:

  • Monday – Thursday: 08:30h – 12:00h and 13:00h – 15:00h
  • Friday: 8:30 – 13:15h

A variety of drinks, snacks and takeaway meals are available (subject to availability).


Load money onto your eLunch card

Our cafeteria and tuckshop use a cash-free prepaid payment system called eLunch. Parents can load money into their child’s card, monitor purchases and limit items which can be bought. Meals are purchased with eLunch at a discounted price.Read more on eLunch