To see practice times, venue, coach details and cost, please download our general extramural lists.We are now allowed to offer certain extramurals starting on 3 February 2021

Extramural list for Primary School

Extramural list for Middle and High School

Sport extramural overview:


Athletics is offered throughout the year as it is valuable for early physical development and all children can participateGr1 – 4 focus on sprinting, endurance, long jump and throwingGr 5 – 10 participate in long jump, endurance, high jump, sprints and throwing

Matches:Interschools meetings Gr 1 – 7, Athletic triathlon Gr 8 – 12, Sports day Gr 1 – 7, Olympiad, every second year, Interschool trials Gr 1 – 7

Learners qualify to be on the athletics team based on their times/distances/heights achieved during the trials held in the Term 4 and school events are in Term 1Athletic chart boysGrade 5-7Grade 8-10Grade 11Grade 12Athletic chart girlsGrade 5-7Grade 8-10Grade 11Grade 12


We teach Royal Academy of Dancing, which is an International Qualification

Exams offered:Eisteddfod / Shows / Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Exams

Group work and individual work

Ball Skills

Ball skills are offered throughout the year.Learners in Gr 1 – 4 learn to master the important aspects of coordination, agility and overall ball skills in a playful atmosphere


Basketball takes place throughout Gr 5-12.Both DSK girl and boy teams take part in the Cape Town Schools Basketball Association League (CTSBA, formally Western Province Schools Basketball Association)

Matches:CTSBA League matches: Term 1 & 4.Olympiad Basketball: Match kits belong to the DSK, handed out for each match and needs to be returned.

Boy teams: U16, U19Girl teams: U16, U19

Dragon Boating

Girls and boys from Gr 5 – 12 participate in the same team, learning how to be a 100% synchronised with members of different ages & strengths.Training takes place at the Waterfront. A school bus lifts one-way, from the school gate. Parents need to collect children from the Waterfront.

A season entails one training camp and a couple of Regattas each year.Please note that currently, the Western Cape Dragon Boat Association is not opperating and are not organising monthly regattas with any Western Cape clubs.

1 mixed gender team of 20 learners and teachers


Upon request, learners are able to train with Jan van Riebeeck High School.

There are no matches organised by the DSK

No teams at the DSK

Soccer / Football

Boys and girls from Gr 1 – 12 play football at the DSK throughout the year.  Matches are played against other Cape Town schools during winter (Terms 2 and 3). U9 fixtures are organised by the school with the pool of schools in the “Atlantic Seaboard”, but all other team matches are determined by the school league organisers.DSK BALLERS Football Training Academy:An addition to current DSK soccer practices, DSK soccer enthusiasts (for Gr 1 – 12) can now attend more focussed skill-based training with BALLERS Soccer School (at an additional cost) and become a member of the Green Point Salesians football club. Practise venue: St Michaels Rd in Tamboerskloof opposite to where our school buses park in the afternoon.For BALLERS and/or Club membership registration email: hand in the registration forms at the start of each term (Terms 2, 3 & 4) at the reception.Please include the following documents when registering for Club Membership:• CTTFA registration form• SAFA registration form, Green Point• Salesian Membership Form• Copy of birth certificate• 2 ID photosDownload these forms for registration:

Matches:School league matches are against schools in the Atlantic Seaboard pool.Term 3: U9, U11 – U18 SLIM CupTerm 4: Speina Cup – Gr 1 – 4 (A get-together soccer tournament organized by the DSK, a social responsibility initiative).DSK soccer kit is required for games: The school provides soccer shirts which are to be returned. Own kit can be ordered at the Schulshop. Kit is ordered once there is a list of 25 names.

Girl teams:  U13, U15 and U19Boy teams: U9A & B, U11 A & B, U13, U14, U16 and U19


We have an external gymnastic service, with Gym Wizards, they offer lessons on the school property.Please download info pack for more information.

Grading is available, please contact your coach or Gym Wizards for more information.Gym Wizards website:

There are no DSK teams


Anyone interested in playing golf can Download Info and application formAll equipment is provided or learners can bring their own clubs.

There are no matches organised by the DSK

No teams at the DSK


Handball is offered throughout the year for Gr 5 – 12, with a more intense focus every year on the Olympiad.

Matches:OlympiadFriendly matchesTournaments mostly Term 2 & 3

Girl team: U14Boy teams: U14, U19


Available on request, please contact the sport department for more information

There are no matches organised by the DSK

No teams at the DSK


Upon request with Jan van Riebeeck Primary and High School, contact Marie-Luise Visser

There are no matches organised by the DSK

No teams at the DSK


Gr 7-12 learners can join a 30 – 40 minute (3-6 km) trail run before school on Wednesdays and Fridays, starting from the DSK sports field.Entrance fitness level – ability to comfortably run 3km. Parents are also welcome to join and assist with supervision.

Occasional fun runs

Non-team sport, learner may participate in their own age category at fun runs


Swimming is part of the curriculum in Term 1. All learners are required to partake in the time-trials for the gala, which take place during sports lessons early in Term 1.Gr 1 – 4 swimming extramural is at no extra charge during term 1 & 4, we want to inspire confidence in the water and have our learners master the basic stroke and swimming techniques.Gr 5 – 12 are trained to master all four swimming strokes.Swimming charts boysGrade 5-10: 25mGrade 5-10: 50mGrade 11Grade 12Swimming charts girlsGrade 5-10: 25mGrade 5-10: 50mGrade 11Grade 12

Galas:Term 1: Primary and High School gala
Term 4: Interschool galas
Olympiad*Gr 1-7: The 12 best times in Freestyle and the first 6 in breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly compete in the school gala
Gr 8-12:  Best 6 in all four strokes
*A swimming cap and school costume is compulsory to participate in gala’s outside of the school

Teams are based on times achieved during school galas.Learners are notified if they will participate in an interschool gala.

Table Tennis

Learners in Gr 5 – 12 can participate in table tennis throughout the year, although it is primarily seen as a winter sport.

League matches take place in Terms 2 and 3

U15 team: mixedU19 team: boys


DSK currently has 8 different tennis classes on offer throughout the year, for learners in Gr 1 – 12.

Matches: Western Province School League matches take place in Terms 1 & 4Olympiad

Mixed junior teamBoys senior team, Gr 8-12


Volleyball is offered throughout the year for Gr 5 – 12 learners in beginner, intermediate and advanced groups.

Matches:OlympiadBeach volleyball on weekendsFriendly tournaments

Olympiad boy teamsOlympiad girl teams


For beginners and advanced. Wear casual clothes.Please bring your own mat, water and blanket.