German International School Cape Town

DSK Science Centre Update

1. Access
The Level 1 classrooms will only be accessible through the main foyer/reception area. A security fence line restricting access to the construction site and construction vehicles will be erected (see yellow area below). The entrance to this fenced-off area will be gated and the entire roadway will be manned by two security personnel during school hours.

Continued access to play areas for our Primary School learners will be maintained via two bridges (marked in pink below). These bridges are erected for the purpose of:

  • Learner safety to and from the play areas
  • Restricting learner access to the construction roadway
  • Ensuring access to play areas for the duration of the construction project (ca. 12 months)

2. Security
Only pre-identified construction crews and workers have access to the construction site. Every worker will be issued with an ID card and will wear a construction vest with identification panels. No contact between learners and the construction crews will be allowed or tolerated.

3. Traffic
General school traffic is not affected too much, if at all. Delivery times for construction material and equipment will be strictly limited to times of the school day with the least amount of traffic i.e. between peak drop-off and collection times.
Please adhere to the voluntary one-way traffic flow (see map below).
4. Noise
It is a construction site and there will be noise BUT we have met with the heads of the Primary and Middle schools, who are most impacted during this time of construction, and have agreed on measures to ensure that exams and tests are facilitated away from the construction site as much as possible. We will also be assessing the noise levels once construction is in full swing.
More information about aftercare will be announced before the start of Term 3.
If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact Neil Jacobs (Head of Finance and Administration) on +27 (0)21 480 3837 or

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