COVID-19 Lockdown means that we can’t offer any sports lessons or extra-murals at school this term.

We do however want to encourage everyone, young and old, fit or not so fit, to stay active and keep that body moving! Why don’t you challenge your friends or family to join you in exercising regularly?

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Choose sessions or activities from this list of links: Online sports lessons
  2. Practice your standing jump and rope skipping to help you attain the “Deutsches Sportabzeichen” once you are back at school. Click here for more details: Sportabzeichen Home Practice
  3. Be creative at home – invent new sports activities or challenges, practice a new skill or perfect an old one! (If you want you can post your video clips here: DSK Lockdown Video Upload)
  4. Get out of the house on those sunny days! Cycling, jogging, skateboarding, cricket on the street, walking through nature… (of course, always practising social distancing and wearing a mask)

Let’s keep our bodies, minds and souls active during lockdown; let’s make use of this time to enjoy activities with our families; let’s set new goals and discover and develop new skills.

Stay active, stay healthy, keep smiling!

Your sports teachers