German International School Cape Town

Strategy 2025

The DSK strategic plan 2015-2025 is the result of discussions, planning, consideration and debate by all of the school’s stakeholders, the board, the school management, the teachers, the parents’ association, the administration department and  the learners.

The strategy is centered around the four pillars of our mission statement and under each pillar, our core deliverables have been identified.

The plan with its goals and objectives will be evaluated each year and targets for the coming year will be agreed on/set.

Together, we work towards fulfilling our four guiding missions by implementing the agreed deliverables for each of these as outlined below:

Unlocking Talent

DSK learners distinguish themselves by having the know-how and confidence to pursue their future careers, being committed to reaching their full potential and involving themselves in music, sports and the arts in order to provide a balance to their academic work and create a fun and healthy learning framework. The DSK distinguishes itself by continuously  offering their learners an excellent school education with individual support. Each learner is given the opportunity to fully develop academically, socially and personally according to his or her potential.

German Philosophy of Education

Our philosophy is embedded in a robust value system. We empower our learners according to the German philosophy of education which emphasises independent and critical thinking, problem-solving and autonomous learning. We encourage our learners to take initiative, to collaborate and adapt confidently to changing circumstances.

German Language

We foster a culture of languages at our school. At the same time, DSK learners distinguish themselves by achieving a fluent command of the German language, which is central to our school,  and is key to a multitude of opportunities, nationally and internationally.

Building bridges

DSK learners have a 360° cultural exposure to both Germany and South Africa, they understand and respect their own and other people’s culture as a second nature, they are socially aware, responsible and participative. As a German International School in South Africa, founded on Christian and Humanistic values, we build bridges between societies and cultures. We embrace our diversity and foster exceptional social and environmental consciousness, open-mindedness and mutual respect.

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